Monday, April 3, 2017

Shopkins and Grossery Gang

This Saturday Harper and Dakota picked up a few new Shopkins and Grossery Gang. They've both got quite the collection going right now and they sit and play with them nearly every day. It all started with the little Shopkins for Dakota and when we noticed Harper enjoyed them we got him a few of the "boy" version Grossery Gang. (Let me say here that we didn't get him the "boy" version to deter him from playing with Dakota's "girl" toys but we knew he'd enjoy gross characters like Putrid Pizza, Dodgey Donut and Rotten Egg. Dakota prefers her Annie Orange, So Grate Chocolate and Webster Waffle over the yucky Grossery's but she's always willing to play them with Harper!) 

Each set comes with a list and Harper likes finding each one of his and checking it off the list. He was super excited to get a few that color change in warm water and he thinks it's great to get doubles. 

Dakota could care less about the list, she just likes to set hers up in little scenes. She was also excited to get a few that color change and likes having some twin sets as well.

I know these toys seem silly (and a bit expensive for what they are) but these two sure love them and play with them non stop, so it seems like a fine toy to me! 

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