Sunday, April 9, 2017

Project Life, 2017, Week 12

Week 12, March 20- 26, 2017 

I started off my week volunteering in Harper's classroom. I was happy to see him do some work at the Smart Board while I was there. Dakota came home with a cute paper about how she's growing from a baby to an adult. Harper had his very first baseball practice. Dakota's art class focused on birds and nests this week. She really loved that little puff ball bird that fit in her plastic egg. Tony put in all new white outlets since we've painted and were ready for them all to match. We had some cream, white and black ones so it's nice they all match now. 

The kids don't play with the Play Dough much anymore but since the weather was so perfect we brought it outside on the picnic table for a bit. It's great outside because I don't have to worry about the mess! They had a little nature hunt outside and found one piece of nature for each section of an old egg container they pilfered from the art bin. That sure kept them busy for awhile! Looks like Harper's t-ball practices will be on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings until his games begin. I'm hoping we'll get a game schedule soon. We attempted to make slime and I managed to mess it up somehow. Oops. We'll have to try again. And, the last picture is of the best salad ever. Yum!

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