Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Break, Day 2

Before we left home I grabbed some of the kids writing paper and thought it might be a good idea to have them make a little "what I did on vacation" book. So they began their second day of vacation at the table writing and drawing a little about what they did the day before.

The minute they finished their papers they were ready to go outside. So, they got dressed, put on their coats and out they went to explore. Pepper decided to join them and they loved that!

They weren't out there long before they came in to take off their coats. A little bit later they came in to exchange their long sleeve shirts for t-shirts. And, before the day was through they were in shorts as well. Crazy how the morning began so chilly and then got so incredibly warm!

The kids spent a lot of the day just playing outside and when they came in they were happy to rest with their iPad's and/or animals. (Landon of course was asleep while the world went on around him.)

Once I was able to get Landon out of bed we headed over to see my brother's new place. He moved back in December to a little log cabin in the woods and while we saw it once before he moved in we hadn't seen it since. He's had a lot of work done to it and it looked amazing! It's such a cool place but I didn't really take pictures of the inside for some reason...guess I was too busy oohing and aahing. :) But, I did take this one of ChiChi avoiding us...

After we'd checked every nook and cranny we headed outside for a walk through the woods. Dakota was tired of walking and her big brother carried her for a good bit of the way. Good thing he was there or she would've been walking as she is super heavy nowadays! 

After our hike we headed back to Kyle's house to talk and play with Dutch a little bit before going back to Mom's house. 

That evening we grilled hamburgers and bratwurst on the grill and spent some time throwing acorn caps in the water. Dakota liked trying to get the caps back out with her stick and Landon enjoyed driving around on the golf cart. (Sunset photo cred goes to Landon who RAN down to the lake to get the shot!)

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