Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break, Day 1

We spent our first day of spring break traveling to my parents house in South Carolina. We left around 8 am and intended to meet my mom at the Cracker Barrel in Henderson, North Carolina at noon. (Tony isn't with us because he doesn't have the time off work, so it's me and the three kids. I was nervous about driving home in what could be many hours of traffic so we compromised with this half way thing. My dad has to work in Virginia next week so they'll be driving us back north in the RV on Friday.) Little did we know that we'd be nearly an hour and a half late because of traffic on the way down. If there wasn't construction there was traffic. If there wasn't traffic there were people who just enjoyed sitting in the middle of the road. It was an absolute nightmare. We finally met up with my mom in South Hill, Virginia and had a quick lunch at McDonald's before continuing south.

We thought we were home free once we traded cars but lo and behold, the nightmare traffic continued. We had to stop twice (gas and drinks then potty break) and didn't end up getting to the house until just after 7pm. It was a tough day and far from an easy trip but my kids were really good about the whole thing.

 Dakota probably asked if we were there about every 10 minutes but honestly she was just frustrated and so ready to be done sitting for the day. We all were. We contemplated eating dinner somewhere quick but ended up deciding we just wanted to get to the house and figure something else out. We'd planned to make or order pizza but getting in that late meant egg sandwiches for dinner.

The kids played with the animals for a bit and then it was time for baths and bed. We were all pretty worn out from sitting in the car all day...what is it with that?

This is Dutch, my brother's puppy. He took a liking to Landon right away. :)

And this is Ruby, one of the kitty cats. She is super friendly and she seemed to like Landon a lot too!

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Water Balloons

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