Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Break, Day 3

My dad is an early riser so when my two young-en's get up he's typically the first one up with them. It was funny to listen to him tell me all about their morning together. How they asked for a waffle and then changed their minds when they saw sausage biscuits. How Dakota asked for cheese on hers so he put cheese on both only to face a melt down from Harper who prefer's his cheese-less. How Dakota wanted Pirate's Booty and how it took him several minutes to figure out what and where it was. How the kids dropped one of the of the glass dishes and it shattered on the kitchen floor...pretty typical really, but not for Papa. Nevertheless, I really appreciate the time he spends with him and the few extra minutes of peace I get before beginning the day.

My mom stays up much later than dad so she likes to sleep a little longer in the morning. 

AFter a lazy start we headed out to Sonic for lunch, a treat for us since we don't have any near our house. 

When we got home Aunt TT was at the house and we all went down to the lake to toss balls for the dogs. The kids really loved watching the dogs leap into the water after the balls!

Jaron worked the night before but when he got up he came over to say hello to us before heading out to work again. While he was there we gave the blow cup challenge a try...

He tried and tried to get it but never succeeded. I think it might be easier with paper cups so maybe I'll pick some up from the store this week when we're out. If you don't know what the blow cup challenge is, you can see it here

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