Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break, Day 5

Another slow morning around here today. We didn't do much, just hung around playing with animals and toys until lunch time and then we went to a little Mexican restaurant not too far down the road. When we got back to the house from lunch, Aunt TT and Jaron were at the house with their dogs and it was warm enough to play with water outside again. 

Dakota did her best to save Landon from Jaron but she isn't any match for those big boys! Harper was happy to get the chance to squirt everyone with the water hose and wasn't about to help save anyone!

Since they were already soaked from the balloons and water hose they ended up jumping in the pool again. It was still cold but they were having too much fun to care. 

We had fun outside and when we came in it was time for some quiet. But, quiet never lasts long before someone is ready to go, go, go again so I pulled out the stuff to make slime with the kids. Harper had zero interest but Dakota wanted to give it a try again since we failed on our last attempt. 

For dinner we had crab legs and shrimp and then took the dogs on a long walk. Harper and Dakota went on the walk with us and they both did pretty good. Dakota did ask Landon and Jaron to hold her for some of the walk and they were both happy to oblige. Harper did great though and never complained! (I know the picture is far away but here's who's in it: Dad, Kyle, Landon, Jaron, Dakota, LaTisha and Harper. Five dogs went also, Fancy, Pepper, Lola, Charlie and Dutch.) 

Tomorrow is our last day here and Friday morning we'll be hitting the road back to Maryland. This week sure has blown by!

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