Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Break, Day 7

We spent day seven of our break riding home in the RV. We wanted to leave no later than 8 am but that didn't happen because things just never go as smoothly as one hopes. We got the RV loaded and were about to hook up the car to tow when dad couldn't get the pop out sections of the camper to close. (I don't have technical terms for everything here so just feel free to use your imagination a bit.) They've had a ton of problems with the pop outs not closing and that thing has been in the shop numerous times but it just never seems to get fixed. My dad got off the RV and was about to lose his damned mind when somehow my mom got on and pushed the button and it worked. I have no idea how she got it to work and honestly, I don't care. I was only happy that it was going to be okay and we were going to get on the road. 

We were on our second stop of the morning when I took the kids into a Flying J gas station to grab some junk for the ride. We picked our stuff out and I paid and we left. When we got on the RV I decided it was time for us to try to watch a movie but I couldn't figure out the sound issues and ended up fooling around with the DVD player and TV for a good while before giving up. The sound was only coming out of the speakers in the front of the RV and not out of the TV which meant my parents could hear the TV and not see it while we could see it and not hear it. Gah. We'd been driving about half an hour when I realized my phone was missing. I freaked out internally but decided it wasn't worth asking everyone to turn around and go back to find it. I figured we get there and it'd be gone anyways. But, my parent's felt like we should at least call the gas station to see if anyone had found it and miraculously, it was there. I still didn't want to waste everyone's time so I asked them if they'd please mail it to me and they said they would. I've got my fingers crossed that they hold true to their word and get it to me in one piece. Meanwhile, I have to admit that I haven't really missed it much. I only miss not being able to use it to take pictures, but I have been using my big camera so there's that.

We made it to Haymarket, VA late in the afternoon (after 5 pm) and met Tony in a Giant parking lot. We got our junk out of the RV and into the van and headed home. We stopped for a quick dinner at KFC and ended up getting home a little after 8 pm. It was a long day but we were so thankful to be home again! 

Here's what I learned about RV travel:

  • Totally comfortable. It is so nice to be able to stretch out and relax while someone else is driving. You can watch movies (possibly with sound) while lounging on a couch. Awesome.
  • There is a refrigerator with snacks and drinks which means less stopping for snacks and drinks. 
  • There is an on board bathroom which means no need to stop for that either (unless you're the driver, of course). 
  • Scenery. Ok, I know you can observe scenery from a regular vehicle also, but it just isn't the same as having a huge view from the front of an RV. It's pretty amazing. 
  • Riding up higher than most traffic. It's way cool to sit so high up above everyone else. You're sitting the same level as an 18 wheeler and seeing for miles around and that's pretty neat. 
  • RV's are loud. They're big and the engines are huge and they are noisy. It's a kind of noise that strikes you as LOUD initially but over time you just get used to it. 
  • RV's are shaky. I brought paper and crayons and books but we really couldn't do any of that at the table because of the bumpiness of the ride. 
  • RV's are tricky when it comes to finding a place to stop. They're big and need a lot of room and there is no whipping into parking spots. You've got to really be paying attention and I imagine it can be pretty stressful for the driver. 
So, absolutely more pro's than con's and I'd travel that way again in a heartbeat! Hopefully we'll get the chance! 

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