Thursday, May 11, 2017

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This weeks art lesson was all about Pete the Cat. There are many books about Pete but the teacher chose to read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, one we have at home and have read many times.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

The art lesson came straight from one of the pages in the book and the teacher decided to have them all create their very own Pete canvases. They began with a Pete stencil and some glue dots. Once Pete was secured to the canvas the teacher instructed the kids to trace the cat using pencil.

Then, they were given an easel and blue paint to begin working on the sky.

And then green for the grass.

And finally brown for the sidewalk.

Once the whole canvas was painted in we pulled off the stencil and set it aside to dry a little. While the paint dried the kids were given some hearts and shoes to practice making patterns on a sheet of construction paper. Dakota is an expert at pattern making so this took her about 2 seconds to complete. I believe she is the oldest in the class though so while it may have been a breeze for her it was a good lesson for some of the younger kids. 

The next part is where the canvas got difficult. The parents were told to paint in the tail, around the eyes and to paint a line at the top of the shoes...I was so worried I'd screw it up! But, I did okay and then Dakota got to work painting in the rest of the cat. 

They were allowed to choose what colors they'd like to paint Pete's shoes and Dakota chose pink and purple...big surprise there! 😉

I think her cat turned out terrific! I'm so impressed with what the kids turn out in these classes! Pete is now hanging in Dakota's bedroom but if she paints many more of these I'm going to have to dedicate a wall to just her artwork! 

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