Monday, May 8, 2017

The Going's On

We are exactly a month away from the last day of school and things are quite busy around here. There are all kinds of end of year activities at the kids schools (conferences, authors tea, zoo field trip) as well as t-ball, track, ballet and art classes keeping me on my toes. I've also been doing some work on the gardens and keeping up with the housework as best I can...I'm exhausted from it all!

These peonies are making the gardening worth while but I STILL haven't finished cleaning up the beds so that we can order mulch and get it down. The days are long but so dang full I just can't get it all done.

I volunteered in Harper's class this afternoon while Dakota was at school so that ate up my only 2 free hours in a day. I enjoy going and helping in his classroom but I always feel like I should be doing the millions of things I know need to be done at home. He sure was happy I was there though and he liked showing me what he was working on, so of course that made me happy to be there.

After dinner we headed out to practice t-ball while Landon chose to stay in and text from his favorite spot at the top of the stairs. :) 

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Water Balloons

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