Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gardening Additions

Kota and I zipped over to Lowe's after art class yesterday because I wanted to pick up a few more plants and some bird seed. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot Dakota said "Oh! I love this place! It's my favorite store!" Yeah, that's my kid, the one who prefers Lowe's to Toys R Us. Ha!

We didn't get to stay too long but we still managed to come out with a bit more than planned. Funny how that happens. We started by choosing three Hens and Chicks. They're cute and they have a cute win. I planted them in a U shape near my front door and I'd like to place something a bit larger at their center...see, another reason to go flower shopping already!

We also felt like we needed some of these Coreopsis. I let Dakota choose which plants to get and didn't notice until I was planting them that there are actually two varieties here; dwarf and rising sun. They look very similar but there are some subtle differences.

I really like these pink Love Doctor Dianthus, so I let her pick three of those as well.

These Showy Pink Primrose were near the Dianthus and we decided to give them a try too. 

We were getting ready to leave when I spotted these pretty Shasta daisies. My mom told me she had daisies in her wedding bouquet so every time I see them I think of her, of course three of those went in the cart as well.

While Dakota was at school I hurried to get everything in the ground as I knew we were expecting rain. I was able to finish just in time to get back in the van to go pick her up, phew! But, since I was already outside taking pictures of the new flowers, I went ahead and took pictures of some of the old stuff.

More peonies are blooming and they smell soooo good! I clipped some from each plant and brought them into the kitchen where I smell them every time I'm near the sink. They are so beautiful! I've got three colors out there, light pink, dark pink and white.

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