Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dakota's Field Day

Last week Dakota's pre-k class got to participate in field day with the kindergarten classes. Some students from fifth grade were given the opportunity to escort the pre-k kids between activities and Dakota had a very quiet girl leading her around the field. Despite having just had mulch delivered that morning I decided to let the mulch wait and go watch my youngest participate in the fun. I'm glad I did!

They got to shoot soccer balls into a net:

Balance wiffle balls on top of bats and walk through cones:

Balance a tennis ball on top of a racket:

Throw hula hoops as far as they could:

Try to keep enough pressure on the ball between two poles and walk to a cone without dropping the ball; this was the hardest one!

Kick a huge bouncy ball down a hill (and then go get it!):

There were many other stations set up but as soon as Dakota asked me if she could go home with me I decided I needed to leave. We'd talked about my coming up there beforehand and she said she wanted to leave when I did but I wanted her to stay so she could practice for her upcoming graduation ceremony. In order for her to not have a breakdown I told her that her teacher needed her to stay for graduation practice (she really did say that) and made a quick exit. I was able to go without her crying and I couldn't believe it! She's come so far this past year she's nearly unrecognizable. My little sugar is getting tougher by the day!

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