Monday, May 22, 2017

Sucker for Succulents

Succulent gardening is kind of a big deal these days. I don't know what it is that is so appealing about them exactly, but I came home with quite a few last week. I had ordered some cute little owl planters for them about a month ago but kept forgetting to get some tiny little plants for them until one of my many trips to Lowe's when I finally saw them and remembered.

I bought way more than I needed as I only had 6 little owls, so I ended up sticking some in a piece of blue ware out on the deck and a few others in another small planter I had.

Of course my little Koko couldn't wait to help get everything situated:

I hadn't realized there were so many kinds of succulents but I ended up going for about one of each kind the store had. 

I had some that were much bigger than others so I used those in the piece of blue ware I dug out of a box in the basement. 

Since I still had so many left to use I decided to try some in the box I made when I went to Plant Nite with Zoe last year. One of the originals is still in there but everything else died. 

I had originally bought the owls because I wanted to display them on a large, round dish I have but once they were all put together they were still too small to make any impact against the dish. So, of course, I had to find something to put there instead. Succulents to the rescue!

I'm pretty sure I've got enough of these for a lifetime (if I can keep them alive) so hopefully I'll always think they're as cool as I think they are now!

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