Friday, May 12, 2017

Her Favorite Food Is Twiks

When I picked Dakota up from school she was super excited about a special mothers day surprise she had in her backpack. I asked her if I could have it today and she said that I'd have to wait until Sunday to get it because that is the right day. I bugged her about it a little more but she quickly shut me down telling me that her teacher would be very mad at me if I peeked at my gift. :) She's a tough cookie, that little Kota girl.

When Harper came home yesterday he was already thinking about what he could give me for mothers day. They hadn't made anything in school yet so I think he was worried he wouldn't have anything to give me. As soon as we got in the house he banished me from the kitchen table so he could make me a surprise. It took three whole sheets of construction paper, a few markers and some quick thinking and this is what I got:

That's me (the tallest person) Harper and Dakota inside the heart. He said we're in there because we love each other. :) 

Today Harper hopped off the bus and immediately told me that he'd made a mother's day gift for me at school. (He didn't have to worry after all!) I asked him if I had to wait until Sunday or if I could have it today and he said it was up to me. So, I told him that I wanted it today and he said great! My sweet little six year old gave me a coupon book and a card. There is a coupon for a free hug, help with the dishes, taking out the trash, breakfast in bed, and a clean bedroom. Pretty good deal! I told him I was going to photo copy all of them and just keep using them over and over again. He had to stop and think about that a little bit!

I love when little kids make cards but I really love when they fill out questionnaires about their parents or siblings! 

I had to laugh at the "we like to shop together" part! I don't even really know what that means! I sure to "tac car of him" though...he's such a sweet little boy! I thought when Harper gave me his stuff Dakota would crack and give me hers, but she didn't! I know where her surprise is hidden because I've been warned to not look under her dresser and I won't look but I sure will have fun pretending to!

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