Monday, May 8, 2017

Sunday at Six Flags

Yesterday we made our first trip of the season to Six Flags. Right now, if you are a season pass holder, you can bring a friend for free on Sundays through May. So, Landon got to have his girlfriend Elena come with us and we invited Zoe and Brandon but Zoe had to work, so maybe another time.

We got to the park right at opening and I told Landon and Elena they had to get pictures with the characters at the front or I was going to follow them around the park...they opted for the character photo.

After the picture, Landon and Elena went to ride some coasters while we took the little kids to the kid area. Both Harper and Dakota were excited to get on Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce so that was our first stop.

They love that thing! The pounce and bounce is close to the Prop Warehouse and once they saw that we HAD to go there. They had a great time in there!

When I'd had enough of the ball place we headed to the hot air balloons and swings. We had to force Harper onto the little swings and he acted so silly about it but then seemed to enjoy himself. When I asked him if he'd liked it he said no, but he didn't seem to upset when he got off either.

Since the kids did well on the little swings I thought we could try the French Quarter Flyers. While both kids did pretty good, I thought I was going to puke! I was soooo dizzy! Never again.

Harper decided he could care less about any of the rides and asked Tony if he could play Pokemon Go! while we walked around. Since Harper didn't care what we did, Dakota suggested we ride the merry-go-round and then the old fashioned cars.

After letting Dakota drive us around the car track we met up with Landon and Elena for lunch and then bumped into Bugs Bunny and his girlfriend on our way to Sword of Destiny

All in all it was a pretty good day. The kids got to ride some stuff and while the weather was a bit chilly it was nice to not be sweating and hot the whole time we were there. We left around 1:30 because everyone decided they were ready to go but I'm sure we'll be back just in time for the water park to open! 

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