Monday, May 15, 2017

Whose Live Anyway? @ Modell Performing Arts Center

Saturday night Tony and I went out to the Lyric in Baltimore to see Whose Live Anyway? Tony and I both love the show Whose Line Is It Anyway? so I thought it'd be fun to see the show. The tickets were rather inexpensive at only $26 a piece and Mema agreed to babysit so we were off!

I've been dying to try Vietnamese Pho so we stopped at Phubs before heading into the city. I have to admit that pho was not my favorite. I ate it because we ordered and paid for it but I don't think I'll go back. We both had the shrimp pho and it was nearly flavorless. Tony thinks it might be better if you go for the beef but I'm not sure I'd even go back to try it. It sure looks tasty in the picture though!

We made it to the Lyric about an hour before the show began so we just stood around chatting, playing on our phones and people watching. We were seated about 20 minutes before the show began and it started about 5 minutes late. Greg Proops was the "host" and got everyone warmed up before the other cast members came out. I was a little worried when it was just Proops onstage because we couldn't' hear him that well, but when the rest of the guys came out they switched to head mics and the sound seemed to improve. There were still moments that we couldn't properly hear, but for the most part we were laughing our asses off and hearing just fine.

Ryan Stiles was the absolute best thing about this show with Jeff B. Davis right on his heels. Everything they said and did absolutely cracked me up! I enjoyed Greg Proops and Joel Murray as well, but I felt like Ryan and Jeff were on fire every time they were onstage. They did several different segments but our favorites were when they brought up members of the audience. It didn't matter what the guests were pulled up on stage for, it always turned out really funny. Since the show was live they were a bit more colorful with their language, dropping an F bomb here and there, and they had a little fun mixing in some politics and poking fun at our reprehensible president. 

I give the show 5 stars because it was hilarious and the Lyric 4 stars because of the sound issues. Would we go again? In a heartbeat! 

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