Tuesday, June 13, 2017

17th Anniversary

June 9th marked 17 years of marriage for Tony and I. Since that day was a Friday and life goes on as normal, Tony and I did a bit of celebrating on Saturday. Tony asked his mom to watch the kids for us while we drove out to Frederick for lunch and then on to Harper's Ferry to check things out. Tony mentioned that there was a German restaurant out in Frederick that we should try and I am always up for some German cuisine! I was really surprised when we walked up and I saw the name of the restaurant: Doner Bistro! He'd been pronouncing it Donner, so I never made the connection that it was a doner kebab joint! I may have even gotten a tear in my eye about the whole situation...I know, weird.

After eating our AMAZING lunch we walked around downtown Frederick for a bit. We stopped in a few antique shops and we stumbled upon this ENORMOUS wardrobe that cost a mere $17,000+ and required you to hire your own moving company to haul it away. It was a good 12 feet tall and in really great condition but dang, we've owned cars that cost less!

After browsing for awhile I realized the afternoon was slipping past and we decided to head on over to Harper's Ferry for a look around. I've always wanted to go out there because I've heard how beautiful it is and it certainly did not disappoint. 

Apart from the scenery there isn't a ton to do if you don't plan to hike, bike or tube. There is a small strip of shops alongside a steep road as well as some historical buildings and reenactments of older practices (think blacksmiths etc.). We stopped in to watch the blacksmith in action and I told Tony it was too hot for that crap! Working with fire in 90+ degree heat is just awful! He told me he's sure I was born at the right time because I wouldn't have survived that hard lifestyle! I happen to agree. :)

After we'd grabbed an ice cream to share in the air conditioning we began our walk back to the parking lot which was close to a mile away. It was such a nice day spent outside with my BFF. We got to talk without interruption about the books we're reading, things going on at home and work, about the kids and anything else that popped into our heads. 

I have to admit I'm already thinking of a way to get us back to Doner Bistro...

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Tony said...

Walking hand in hand, talking without interruption was the best part.

Water Balloons

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