Thursday, June 15, 2017

True Treats Candy

When Tony and I took our trip to Harper's Ferry we came across a little candy shop in the basement of one of the buildings. The shop is called True Treats Candy and is absolutely worth stopping in if you're in the area. They specialize in candies from as early as Native American's up to the 1900's. Because I can't go anywhere without thinking of the kids I thought it'd be fun to buy some of the more interesting candies to bring home and try.

Our first candy was called the Rose Turkish Delight and it dates back to the Arabic apothecaries of the 10th century! I filmed a bit of this because it was a truly interesting looking candy and I couldn't even begin to imagine how it would taste. I think Landon's description of what it looks like is hilarious and also spot on!

I bought Satellite Candy because I liked the way they looked. Again, Landon's description of what they looked like is perfect! The taste and smell of them reminded me a bit of the communion wafers you get at church, so that was kind of weird.

Our final candy of the day was one called "Chuckles". They were very similar to gum drops and I thought they were terrible, just like gum drops!

Once we'd tried all of those we were done! Candies of long ago just aren't the same as what we're used to today! 

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