Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bob Goes To The Zoo

I always think that the Christmas holiday season is busy (and it is) but it really pales in comparison to the end of the school year! My word we've been busy! I have a list of things to blog about and I intend to get to them all at some point, but I'll begin this evening with the book Harper wrote.

Bob Goes to the Zoo

Bob is at the zoo. There is a Ferris wheel. Bob gets on the Ferris wheel. Bob hits an ape!

But then the Ferris wheel...

Stopped and got stuck.

An ape gets free from the zoo and climbs up the Ferris wheel to get Bob!

The ape bites her leg. Bob screams at the top of her lungs. (I did not see that little twist coming! Who would've guesses that Bob was female?!)

But then she jumped on to a tramp-o-line!

She ran home to find a poisonous snake in her yard! The poisonous snake bites her leg and goes away.

Bob pulls our her pocket knife, chases the snake into the forest and kills it.

Bob puts the knife in her pocket but then a tiger sees her. The tiger sneaks up on her, but then Bob runs. The tiger chases her into the...


Then a shark chases her but then Bob sees an island and then she...

takes a nap. the end. put the book down, it's over!

The first grade theme was "realistic fiction" and I'm pretty sure this didn't quite make the mark, but it was entertaining! He was really proud of his little story and Tony and I wonder if he may be playing to many video games...

At the very back of the book are a few blank pages for book reviews and signatures:

And then his little "about me" section:

And a picture of our first grade author:

I look forward to many more years of books like these! They are one of the best things about our elementary school, in my opinion. 

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