Sunday, June 11, 2017

Class of 2030, Dakota's Pre-K Graduation Ceremony

Tony, Mema and I attended Dakota's preschool graduation ceremony last week and it was really great. It was a fun little celebration and I could tell the kids were very proud as they marched in and took their seats on stage. I know Dakota has been excited for this day since her teacher started talking about it. 

All of the kids were given awards for something or another and Dakota's was for her "detailed and artistic projects". Dakota drew pictures for her teacher and classmates on a near weekly basis so this award was perfect for her!

After the awards were passed out the kids sang a few of the songs that they regularly sang in class and then danced to Tootie Ta, a preschool favorite for sure! I think Dakota may have stolen the show a bit with this one, she was not afraid to look silly up there doing her dance!

They also took a turn at the microphone and told us what they wanted to be when they grew up:

At the very end each child received a pre-K diploma:

Sadly her pre-K days are over and she'll be heading to Kindergarten in the fall. I know she's ready but  I'm a little sad that my last little one is moving along to full day school. I know she'll do wonderfully there but I'll miss having my little girlfriend around. 

Dakota and her teacher, Ms. Koch

Dakota with some of her friends. The twins in yellow were her BFF's this year! I laughed when she came home to tell me that Mackenzie and Makayla were her BFF's! 

Dakota and Mya

Dakota and Jaylen (her original BFF)

Dakota and the twins

Dakota and her very proud Mama

Dakota and her very proud Daddy

Dakota and her very proud Mema

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