Saturday, June 24, 2017

Buzzing Up and Down

Landon had his (5) wisdom teeth removed this past Thursday morning. He had an extra bit of wisdom on the top left side of his jaw, but nevertheless, we were in and out of the surgeon's office in about 40 minutes. (In the picture below he's got a surgical mask on that is supposed to be holding the ice packs against his face but he was too "happy" and he kept tugging the mask away from his face so he could talk.)

He opted to just have laughing gas instead of being fully sedated and he was still a little high after the procedure. The surgeon told me that Landon was a "lightweight" and that he'd had to turn the gas way down...apparently Landon was really out of it for a few minutes! I can't imagine what he must have been like but he sure was full of it on the way home!

(I asked him beforehand if I could record him and he said yes, but I made sure to ask him if I could post here as well and he gave his blessing.)

Enjoy the video and good luck understanding him!

He was really happy and feeling good for a couple of hours but around 2pm he said his mouth was starting to hurt a bit. He took a dose of ibuprofen at that point but it was too late because he was in serious pain for a few hours before it and a dose of percocet was able to help. 

Today he is doing really well and besides some MAJOR swelling, he's feeling pretty good. We have to see the surgeon again on Thursday for a follow up and it'll be a done deal. Thank goodness. 

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