Thursday, June 22, 2017

Six Flags Water Park

Yesterday really felt like summertime to me. I took the kids to the water park at Six Flags for the first time this season and we had such a great day! I didn't realize until we were home again that it was the first day of summer, so it was fitting that we spent it frolicking at a water park! The water park doesn't officially open until 11 am each day but since we're Gold card holders they let us in to find seats a little bit earlier than everyone else. It's a small perk but one that comes in handy when you're trying to get seats in the shade! Before the throngs of people were let in I asked the kids to pose for a quick picture...I just love that they're holding hands and Harps has his arm around Kota like that!

As soon as the lifeguards blew their whistles Harper took off! He absolutely loves playing around on the wet jungle gym! Dakota, on the other hand, hates the water splashing her in the face so she held back at first. She did end up going down a few slides but she wasn't anywhere near as enthusiastic as Harper!

When they were done here we went over to the wave pool for a little bit. The only thing about their wave pool is they don't run the waves very long and they make everyone exit the pool so that they can do training every so often. I cannot understand why they don't do training in the morning and/or evening when the park is closed instead of making everyone exit the pool. It's incredibly annoying.

When they closed the wave pool for lifeguard training we decided that would be a good time for lunch. We picked up some pizza and bread sticks and took a break before heading over to the lazy river and then another pool area with slides. 

Before leaving for the day we made a stop at the Dippin' Dots cart, their favorite! They both decided to try the brownie batter flavor this time around and they both give it two thumbs up!

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