Thursday, June 15, 2017

Captain Underpants

Last Sunday Tony and I took the little kids to see Captain Underpants. My expectations for this movie were rather low going in but I have to admit that it ended up being really cute. I knew Harper would love it because he's read all the books and I figured Dakota would enjoy all the silly potty humor; I was right on both accounts. They were even happier to go to the movies when they found out their buddies Colin and Wyatt would also be there!

Harper and Colin laughed and laughed throughout the movie and it was awesome to see them having such a good time. Dakota did enjoy the movie but she still has a hard time sitting still for that long. I'm not sure she and Wyatt got all the jokes but they still seemed pretty happy.

After the movie we headed over to meet Jeff and baby Evelyn for lunch. We were in line at Chipotle when Dakota said she wasn't hungry nor was she feeling well. When Tony finished his food he took her outside to sit and wait for Harper and I to finish eating. Harper finished a few minutes before I did and went outside to check on Dakota. He ended up sitting out there with them and when I came out I found this on the sidewalk:

We headed home from there and poor girl sure wasn't feeling well for pretty much the rest of the day. At dinner time she fell asleep on the couch while we ate and I really got worried because that is a sure sign something is going on. Luckily whatever it was only lasted another day and then she was back to normal. I'm so thankful it came and went so quickly!

***So, at the beginning of the movie George and Harold (main characters) become fast friends because they both find the name of the planet Uranus so funny. Lisa and I were pretty sure the boys didn't know what was so funny about the word even though they were laughing and weren't too worried about it. 

Rewind a little to right before the movie: Tony and Lisa are in line for popcorn and I take the four kids to find seats. As we're walking to the theater Colin says he needs to use the restroom. He goes and comes back in record time and when I say "wow, you're fast" he replies "that's because they have those "yur-anals" in the boys bathroom. He pronounced it Yur Anal instead of urinal. 

Fast forward: Today the kids had friends over to play, including Colin and Wyatt. Colin wrote Harper a little letter and when I read it I got a good laugh! It reads:

Harper, I know why Uranus was so funny to George and Harold in the movie. It sounded like uranel! I mean, they both start with U-r-a-n! From, Colin

I love the illustrations he included in the letter as well! There's the evil toilet, George and Harold and the amazing Captain Underpants! 

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