Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Charlie Brown Birthday Party

This past Saturday was our little buddy Wyatt's fourth birthday party. He wanted a Peanuts theme and his mom Lisa did a great job creating that for him! 

(Lisa didn't make these, but they're just too darn cute!) 

The kids mostly played and ran around the house, but some of them came to the table to make Snoopy ears. Dakota loves arts and crafts so she was one of the first at the table while Harper was too busy running around to stop and make a pair. As a matter of fact I only saw Harper for a second here and there during the whole party and didn't even get any pictures of him! I swear he was there!

When I went to wrap up Wyatt's gift I realized I didn't have any birthday paper so I ended up using some plain brown paper. It looked super plain and ugly so I painted on a black zig zag like the one on Charlie Brown's shirt. It was still plain but I was flat out of time! I did make a cute little card to go with it though and although it isn't Charlie Brown themed, it's still adorable!

Hard to believe Dakota's 5th birthday is right around the corner...

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