Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Strawberry Short Cups

Today Harper, Dakota and I went to Whole Foods with our friends the Wakefield's for a kids cooking class. The kids were making Strawberry Short-Cups and while I knew Harper would enjoy it I had my doubts about Dakota. Harper eats strawberries by the ton every week but Dakota won't touch them! I knew she'd enjoy the process of making the treat though and I'd hoped that seeing a bunch of other kids enjoying it would spark an interest in her but it didn't work. 

Instead of using the typical little cakes the teacher gave them each a plain cupcake. They began by tearing off pieces of their cupcakes and putting it into the cup. Next they got to chop up some strawberries and add them on top of the cupcake. The last step was to add some whipped topping. They were instructed to keep going layer by layer until their cups were full. Easy peasy!

When it came time for Harper to add the cool whip he initially refused. I told him he'd better try it before he decided not to add it so he put a little on his spoon for a taste. His face went from "yuck" to "omg! let me eat it straight from the container" pretty quickly and he ended up putting quit a dollop on his strawberries. Silly kids! (He didn't recognize it because it wasn't Cool Whip brand, the kind he'd seen before.) 

Once the kids finished building their little desserts they got to eat them before going on a short walk around the store. They were given small brown bags and stopped at different stations throughout the store for a treat. It was like trick-or-treating in a grocery store! They got clementines, string cheese, cookies, stickers and little baggies of cereal. 

Here they are waiting for their stickers. That's Wyatt on Dakota's left, Harper on her right. Colin was a few kids ahead of us. :)

After trick-or-treating through the store we decided to go ahead and feed the kids lunch there. They ordered pizza and sat chatting and giggling about who knows what. It was a fun morning and I'm hoping we'll get to do another cooking class before summer is over!

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