Sunday, June 11, 2017

Last Day of 1st and 10th Grades AND a T-Ball Game

The boys had their last day of school on June 8th. That's pretty early for us as we are used to getting out of school closer to mid June. I completely forgot to get pictures of Harper before sending him off to school in the morning, but I did get a couple as he got home.

And, even though it was the last day of school for Landon, he had drivers ed right after school so he didn't come home on the bus either. Dakota and I decided to do something nice for Landon though and we dropped off a McDonald's (late) lunch to him between his final class of the day and drivers ed. He was so happy to see that big bag of food! 

Later that evening Harper had a t-ball game. Even though he's on a t-ball league the coaches thought it'd be fun to do a little coach pitch with the kids; see how they did. The kids didn't know they were going to do anything different so there wasn't any time for any of them to freak out about it and it went better than expected. The kids got about five pitches before they put the tee back out for them and while several of them hit the ball there were many that didn't. When it came to Harper's turn he had a look of uncertainty on his face but the look he had on his face when he did hit the ball was one of utter surprise! He hit the ball and then just stood there, amazed. We all were yelling at him to run and as he took off he found my face in the crowd and ran by with wide eyes and an open, surprised mouth. It was hilarious and awesome at the same time. He was so shocked that he'd hit it that he didn't even remember what to do!

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