Saturday, June 3, 2017

Memorial Day Poppy Art

So, I'm way behind on blogging again which means you can expect a big of blog-arrhea today and maybe even tomorrow. I'll begin with Memorial Day and work my way forwards...

We didn't really have any plans for Memorial Day and it was raining again so doing something outside was pretty much out of the question. When I check Facebook in the morning I saw that Artsy Partsy was going to offer a free online art class at 10:30 that morning, so we gathered up some stuff and got ready for that.

While the kids were busy working at the table on their mountains and poppies, I swept the kitchen floor, washed a few dishes and changed the was nice that they were busy while I got a few things done! But, because I was busy, I don't have a bunch of process photo's to share, just the finished projects.

I never realized that they both do the same thing with their mouth's when they're working! 

This is Harper's finished work:

And, this is Dakota's:

Awhile after the kids had finished Tony decided to try making one as well, so here's his:

We ended up having a little BBQ with Zoe and Brandon that evening and even made it down to the pool in between the rain. Landon went to Elena's house for a BBQ so he wasn't here. 

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