Friday, June 30, 2017

Six Flags Day!

I start nearly every morning by going outside to turn on the sprinklers. I worked too hard on getting stuff in the ground this year and I'd like it to live so I water...and water and water and water.

The kids have been playing outside for hours on end the past several days and this morning Harper followed me outside when I went to turn on the sprinkler. It wasn't long before he had his bathing suit on and was "accidentally" getting wet. When Dakota realized what he was up to she joined him and the running through the water turned into jumping on the trampoline and sliding down the slide and swinging on the swings. That's just how it goes around here sometimes, all before 8 am. :)

They didn't end up out there too long though because the mornings as of late have been a bit on the chilly side. This was probably one of the warmer mornings this week but being in the water was just a bit much that early in the morning. They came inside to play in the basement for a bit while I did the other thousand morning things there are to do and then I called them up so we could go to Six Flags. (Landon decided it was more important to stay up all night than to get up and go with us today.) We had another bring a friend free pass so I invited Mema along and Tony took off work early and met us there. We got there right around opening time and it was quite busy. Luckily it didn't take too long to get through the gates and then we were able to use our Gold passes to get into Hurricane Harbor before it opened to everyone else at 11 am. 

We hadn't been there long when I looked up and noticed our friends the Wakefield's walking into the pool area. And, not long after that, we noticed some moms + kids from Harper's school as well as a boy that had been on his t-ball team. Harper ended up having a great time playing with all those boys while Dakota drug Tony over to the wave pool to watch her do handstands. (She does her best and I'd be willing to bet she'll have it down before the end of summer!) I stayed in the area watching Harper play while he took her so I don't have any video of it but I was at the pool with them yesterday when she was practicing so I do have this video:

Before leaving the park for the day we stopped and had our traditional over-priced Dippin' Dots

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