Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Busy Saturday

Saturday morning we had planned to meet up with some friends to go skating. Our skating rink offers free skate passes for kids during the summer so we thought we should get over there and use them! As we pulled up to the rink our friends told us that the rink had changed it's hours and was only offering an afternoon session on Saturday mornings even though the tickets say there is a 10 am session...

Instead of going home we decided to go over to a nearby playground to let the kids play and grab some rocks from the local Kindness Rocks event going on there.

The kids played happily for about a little more than an hour before we headed out to get some lunch. We decided to try a nearby Mexican restaurant called Mi Casita and it was awesome! The kids dropped some of their kindness rocks off there too...I hope someone has found them!

From there we headed home so that I could take Harper to a birthday party. While we went there, Tony took Dakota to the pool. The party was sheer madness and while Harper had a good time it was all a bit overwhelming. Can you spot Harper in the pool below? 

We stayed until about 2:30 and then went home to play in the pool with daddy and Kota. 

Dakota couldn't wait to show me her "canning" ball handstand! She's getting braver every day!

That evening we headed to Mema's for dinner. We walked down the path behind her house and put out some more of our Kindness rocks; the kids really liked hiding them!

It turns out we weren't the only people out spreading kindness because when we got back to Mema's house, Landon was washing my van! I thought that was mighty sweet of him!


It was a nice enough evening that we were able to eat outside and play for a bit. 

I don't know exactly how it happens but it seems like every time we're together some sort of bet is made. Tony bet he could easily hop over Mema's fence which Landon to show us that he could easily hop over her fence and etc, etc. It's always some sort of competition around here!

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