Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Go Ape, Springfield, Virginia

Asking Landon what he wanted to do to celebrate his 16th birthday was like pulling teeth. He just didn't really know what he wanted so I searched online and ended up finding Go Ape, a "zip line and treetop adventure" place that looked really fun. I was a little surprised at how expensive it was but I figured it was okay to splurge a little for his 16th. There are several locations in our area but I wanted everyone to be able to participate so we ended up going to the one located in Springfield, VA.

I signed the oldest three kids (Brandon, Zoe and Landon) up for the regular treetop adventure and Tony and I completed the junior adventure with Harper and Dakota. The regular adventure is three hours long while the junior version is only an hour so I made their start time at 10:30 and ours 11:45. It worked out perfectly that way because we were able to see them get started, make a trip to the restroom and have a snack before our beginning our course. (Although we were on separate courses we were able to see them from time to time which was cool.)

The first platform; being instructed on the equipment.

Introductory zip line:

I wasn't able to carry my phone and take pictures while we were on the course so I don't have a ton of pictures of our day but we all had an amazing time. (I've got a few pictures at the beginning and a few from the end, the rest is Go Pro video that Tony or Landon shot.) I'm glad that I went on the junior course with the kids because it was definitely scary enough for me! I felt quite accomplished doing it though and I was really proud of how well the little kids did. Dakota had a few moment's of reluctance and cried a bit but she was able to pull through and keep going. That's the one thing about this is if you get up there you can't get down until the end of the course. There really isn't any turning back once your locked in!

I have tons of Go Pro video's but I'm only going to post a few here. 

It was a fun day and a fun way to celebrate Landon's 16th. I can't believe my baby is 16...crazy how time flies when you're having an amazing time with those you love. 

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