Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dakota Turns Five!

Our sweet little ballerina turned 5 on July 2nd!  

She asked for a ballerina theme this year so it was pink, pink and more pink. I made the banner the day before the party with my silhouette and cricut...I'm so lucky I have those machines! They have saved my butt a few times now! 

I had planned to make white cupcakes with a light pink frosting but while out at the grocery store Dakota spotted a marbled cake mix and chocolate frosting that she wanted instead, so that's what we went with. Zoe frosted the cupcakes using a frosting tip and it certainly uses a lot more icing that way! We ran out of the chocolate but luckily I had the white frosting that I'd originally planned to use on hand so we had some chocolate and some white. They all tasted delicious! I found those pretty ballerina toppers on amazon and thought they were the perfect touch.

Dakota's loves a good art project so we made ballerina/dragon silhouette canvas paintings. I cut the ballerina's and dragons on my Silhouette Cameo and bought some canvas, acrylic paints, removable dot tape and sponge brushes at Michaels. Total cost was about $20 since I got everything on sale! I also remembered to put some baby wipes on the table for messy painted fingers and hands. 

This is Dakota's finished painting. I wish I had gotten pictures of everyone's but time just got away from me.

As the kids arrived Dakota asked them if they'd like a tutu and crown to wear for the party. Some said yes, some chose one or the other and some refused both. I had to beg Harper to wear his crown just long enough for me to get a picture and he would only wear it like he has it in the photo...I wasn't allowed to fix it. (Those are the tutu's hanging above his head.)

Dakota and Sydney took a second to let me get a picture of them in their tutu's and crowns.

Lea chose the light pink tutu and looked adorable in her crown as well!

I think the best part of the party was when we took the kids outside to play Duck, Duck, Goose and Red Light, Green Light. They had so much fun! It was blazing hot but the kids didn't seem to notice when they were having so much fun chasing each other around!

When we'd all had enough of the heat it was time to go back inside and sing Happy Birthday. 

Our last activity was busting open a little unicorn pinata. I couldn't find a pinata that had anything to do with ballet so a unicorn was the next best thing, obviously. Both of my kids requested a pinata this year too so I'll be looking for a Minecraft pinata soon...

The kids all had a turn or two to break the pinata and finally one of them was able to knock the head off but the body remained intact keeping all the candy inside. Landon saw his opportunity and while Tony held it up he whacked it and man did he ever crack that thing open! He hit it so hard that he crushed half of the candy that was in there! There were little pieces of hard candy everywhere. Dakota and Harper both had little candy bits stuck all over their backs! Poor pinata. 

It was a super fun party and I felt like it was pretty successful! Next up we've got Landon's 16th birthday and Harper's 7th! July is one busy month!

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