Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How we Celebrated July 4th, 2017

Our July 4th began quietly. Since Tony was home I got to sleep in a little bit which was really nice after the last few extremely busy day's we'd had. Dakota wanted to work on one of the Lego kits she'd received for her birthday and since Harper didn't have a Lego kit, he and Tony put together a little robot that he got for his last birthday. 

I'd been so busy prepping for Dakota's birthday that I never finished the two little kids' 4th of July shirts so, on Monday night, I got those done. I cut the words using my Cricut Explore and some iron-on's made by Cricut as well. 

Her shirt reads: Pop! Crackle! Boom! 
His reads: Whoosh! Bang! Fizz! 

I had the hardest time figuring out what to put on their shirts. I ended up googling "words that describe fireworks sounds" and using what I found.

Like last year we had the Wakefield's over to join in on the firecracker fun. They came to the house after baby Evelyn woke from her nap, around 4:15 or so. The kids played while we talked and sometime right before we ate dinner, Zoe, Brandon and their friend Shannon showed up. We all ate bbq chicken, patriotic pasta salad and Zoe had made a German cucumber salad.

 It was all very good but right after everyone sat down to eat, (little kids in the gazebo, big kids at the round table outside, adults in the house) it began to sprinkle. Well, it was only a minute or two before that sprinkle turned into an all out down pour! 

 Since we just bought a fire pit we had planned to make s'more's for dessert but the rain wasn't letting up so Tony and Brandon picked up the pit and put it in the garage! Possibly not the safest idea but we were all happy nonetheless!


When we finished our s'more's it was time to bust out the Pop It's which is such a little kid favorite! They went through the four boxes we had in a matter of minutes and then were ready for the sparklers. By this time the rain had let up for the most part and no one was about to let a little drizzle bother them! (Dakota didn't do sparklers because she's still afraid of them.)

When the kids finished doing 4 million sparklers Jeff and Lisa did a little firework show with what they'd brought over. Landon wanted to wait until it was darker to do what we'd bought so we just watched them do theirs.

After the Wakefield firework show they packed up and headed home. It was close to nine o'clock at that point and it still wasn't truly dark. Around 9:15 it finally seemed dark enough so we all went back outside and Tony, Landon and Brandon set off what we'd bought.

Just as we were finishing up it started to pour down rain again. Perfect timing! It was another fun July 4th celebration and one I hope we can continue in years to come!

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