Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donut Cake

Landon loves donuts. He's not a huge cake and ice cream fan, never has been, so this year I made things easy and made him a donut cake. No, I didn't bake a cake to look like a donut. I literally built him a donut cake tower using those little pillows of heaven that they make at Krispy Kreme. We stacked them up, stuck 16 sparkler candles in them and lit that baby up. It was perfect.

I didn't do much in the way of decorating because we spent the day out climbing, but between that cute cake and the nice gifts he received, I think he was quite happy! I sure hope this kid knows how much he's loved. Sure, things aren't always peachy around here but I'd do pretty much anything for this guy. He has a wicked sense of humor (which leans to the inappropriate side most of the time) a huge loving heart and a bright future ahead. I've loved every minute of life with him in it and can't imagine a world without him. 

Happy 16th, Landon Andrew. I love you. 


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Water Balloons

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