Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Oh Look! A New Game!

Tony and I seem to have some sort of weird board game buying problem. Over the years we've amassed quite a collection and it seems that no matter how many we own there always seems to be another one out there that we need. 

Dory from Nemo  (5 second memory) meme

Tony sent me an email from Amazon.com with a couple new games to try and I went ahead and threw them in my cart with some other crap I already had picked out and it was all on my doorstep two days later. I love me some amazon! We got Hive Pocket and Lost Cities. Landon and I tried Hive out right away but we have yet to play Lost Cities!

Hive is one of those games that is super simple but complex all at the same time. Each tile features an insect and each insect can move in a specific way or direction (like chess). The goal is to surround your opponents bee while protecting yours.

This is a great two player game if you enjoy strategy games (not my fave or what I'm good at). I won this round but I never was too sure of what I was doing or what my best move would be; good thing Landon was new to it too or he would have kicked my butt!

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