Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hair Fire's and Sleepwalkers

My kids got to go to another birthday party at Rolly Pollies this past Sunday and they had such a great time! They always love going there! 

Right after the party we headed over to Mema and Umpa's for dinner. We got there quite early so we spent time playing around and while Landon washed their car I washed my van. 

We ate dinner outside on the patio and apparently I left my phone out and Zoe decided to leave me a few selfies to find! I love her face!

It seems the trees in Mema's yard just beg to be climbed because every time we are over there someone finds their way into one.

While we were sitting outside chatting after dinner the 3 little kids went inside to play. They hadn't been inside long when Harper came to the table and said "Mom, I have to tell you something. I saw smoke on Kota's hair but you don't have to worry about it, Lea is taking care of it." It took a split second for my brain to comprehend what he was saying and then Tony, Dottie and I were off and running into the house. Lea was in the bathroom with Dakota and some wet tissue, wiping at the bottom of her hair. I could smell that her hair had burnt but luckily there wasn't any missing spots or other burns. She was incredibly lucky that the older kids reacted as quickly as they did. 

Lea had been telling Dakota a secret and when Dakota leaned her head to the side for Lea to whisper in her ear her hair must have brushed the lit candle on the table next to her. Harper said he heard a crackling sound and alerted Lea to the smoke coming off of Dakota's head and that when Lea said she'd "take care of it." Lea did take care of it and we were all very lucky that nothing more happened because it could have obviously been much worse. 

We had a long talk that evening about what to do if you should ever catch fire (probably a little late for that lesson but better late than never). Dakota was afraid her hair was going to catch fire while she slept and we reassured her that there were no lit candles or anything that could do that but Harper did warn her that it could happen if "a guy rubbed two sticks together" in her room. Ha! Brothers. 

I'm not sure if it was the trauma from the hair event or what but around 1:30 am Tony and I woke up to the house alarm blaring and Dakota running around downstairs crying. She'd been sleepwalking when she opened the front door and set the house alarm off! That was as scary as the dang hair fire! That kid keeps us on our toes day and night! Luckily Tony got to the alarm before emergency help was dispatched and Dakota (because she'd been mostly asleep) was easy to calm down and put back to bed. Unfortunately it took me about an hour and a half to get back to sleep. 

Life around here is never boring!

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