Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wedding Centerpieces

With Zoe's wedding being less than three months away I felt like it was time to figure out the centerpieces. She and I had looked around on Pinterest for ideas and it seemed we liked the same things so while she was at work one day, I gathered up some supplies and put something together to see if it was the direction she wanted to go in. When I finished, I sent her a photo by text and she loved it! I was glad because I loved it too and was ready to go out and get the stuff I needed to make all of them!

She and I went to Michaels last weekend and picked up everything we needed for about $150.00 which will make about 10/11 table settings with a few extra. We bought mason jars, chalk paint, fall floral bunches, a tube of ribbon/twine, a few bags of tiny pine cones and a few bags of small pumpkins.

Zoe asked that I not share everything we made but I was given the go ahead to share one picture:

Aren't they pretty?! She and I are very happy with how they turned out and I'm so glad we were able to easily put them together ourselves. Zoe painted the first coat on the jars but Tony and Brandon both helped get the second coats on. In between working on things for Harper's upcoming Minecraft party, I helped tie on the twine, arrange the flowers and tie ribbons. It was a team effort and I cannot wait to see how they look on the tables. We made another little mason jar project that will join these and some candles/pumpkins on the tables and all together I think it will be beautiful. 

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