Thursday, August 10, 2017

Patapsco Tire Playground

Another summer bucket list item was to visit the tire playground that we've heard so much about. It's located about 20 minutes from home in Patapsco State Park in Catonsville. It was $2 a car to get in yesterday and thankfully I had a little cash on me because that would have been a big bummer!

The whole playground is in a wooded natural setting that immediately appealed to all of us. There is something about feeling like you're deep in the woods and away from it all that is just calming and invites a sense of adventure. The kids immediately noticed the tree stumps outside the nature center and wanted to climb and jump on them. (Not sure what's going on with Dakota's "pose" but you'll see it again in another picture further down. Haha!)

It wasn't long before they saw the main climbing area and tires though and they couldn't wait to get over there!

There are two play area's at this particular location. The upper area is all wood, metal and tires while the lower area is a more traditional play structure. My two kids absolutely preferred the wood/tire area and spent 90% of their time there. The sign near the lower structure says it's for ages 5-12 and I'd say that the upper area is really geared towards those ages as well. There isn't really a tot lot so to speak so if you've got really little kids, this probably isn't going to be your favorite spot. 

When the kids had worn themselves out a bit we walked over to the nature center. It's a tiny cabin filled with all kinds of animal pelts, bones, and information on local . The kids enjoyed seeing the different animals and bugs but couldn't wait to get back outside to explore the other stuff they saw on the way over. 

Right before leaving I noticed a "sensory walk" which was a 0.1 mile loop near the parking lot. The kids were really ready to go by that time (we'd been there nearly 2 hours) but I figured we should do check it out before we left in case we never make it back out there. (Harper was really excited to find mushrooms along the path and asked me to take a picture of one.)

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