Saturday, December 9, 2017

Elf Antics

I've made it to day 9 without forgetting to move Peppermint and I have to admit that even I'm surprised. Here's what our elf has been up to for the past 9 days:

Day 1 she brought Lego advent calendars:

Day 2 she suggested some hot cocoa with breakfast. 


Day 3 she wanted to build a snowman and even asked Elsa along.

Day 4 she hid candy canes for the kids to find. 

Day 5 she squeezed herself into our snowman lanterns hat.

Day 6 she "pea'd" on the counter.

Day 7 she brought stars for the kids trees.

Day 8 she was found hanging out with Santa Claus.

Day 9 she pooped in a jar!

Of course the kids loved the pee and poop situations but they also really enjoyed the candy cane hunt. Who knows what else this elf will get up to over the next few days. 

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