Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Lea's 8th

This past Saturday my niece, Lea, celebrated her 8th birthday. Eight. For pete's sake.

Anyways, she wanted to go swimming for her birthday so we met up at our county indoor pool for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon. It was insanely cold outside but we were sweating as we sat and watched the kids play. (Tony got in the pool with the kids in case they needed anything and so he could sit in the hot tub!)

It took a few minutes for Dakota to warm up to the idea of swimming but once she got started she remembered how much she loved it!

All three kids spent the majority of their time in the whirlpool. They just floated around and around in circles for the longest time! 

Aside from the whirlpool, I think Lea's favorite feature was the buckets of water that dumped water every few seconds. She stood under them for the longest time letting them drench her and she just never tired of it!

After two hours in the pool we got the kids dressed and then headed over to their house for cake, presents and ice cream. Lea wanted a red velvet cake this year and it turned out really good! 

I've quit buying birthday wrap and just purchased a huge roll of kraft paper off Amazon (like this) and let Dakota decorate it to her hearts content. She just loves giving presents and being allowed to decorate the paper just makes her day! For Lea's gift she added foam snowflake stickers as well as some original drawings. It was really sweet and I thought it was awesome that Lea took the time to notice and look at and read everything Dakota had put on the paper. Dakota also made two or three birthday cards so I didn't even have to make or buy one! As you can see in the photo below, Dakota was proud of her work and loved pointing things out to Lea. :)

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon and maybe once I get a bathing suit that fits I'll take the kids back up there to play again. 

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