Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cabin Camping with the Boy Scouts

Tony and Harper were up and out of the house very early Saturday morning. The camp was about an hour drive and they wanted to make the most of their day so they left right around 7 am. Tony texted me when they got there and it was just after 8, and the other kids were having breakfast.

Again, I wasn't there so I mostly just have photo's to share. I'll do my best to relay what Tony told me about the trip, but in an effort to minimize saying the wrong thing, it'll mostly be pictures.

This is the sleeping arrangements that they had. Harper was super excited to sleep on the top bunk!

There were a few outdoor games for the kids to play, all were named after things from the book The Lorax. There was a Whisper-Ma-Phone where the kids could talk to one another through a long tube.

The Truffula Toss, a ring toss game.

And a wooden tic-tac-toe board:

Saturday afternoon the boys got to learn about some large birds, like hawks and owls. 

Lunch was school cafeteria style. Not great, but not horrible. There was always fresh fruit available and Harper took advantage of that by eating FIVE apples. 

They got to explore the science center that was available. Harper enjoyed using the microscope.

And, even though it was quite cold and ended up snowing a bit that night, there was lots of playing outside at the playground as well as hiking.

When they'd had enough hiking and after dinner the boys were put into groups and did some skits. Here's Harper and his group:

The skit was about two kids who were riding bikes when they crashed (that'd be Harper and the other boy on the brooms) and their bikes fell apart. An ambulance came and loaded the bikes on the stretcher and took them to the hospital with the boys chasing after. Pretty silly.

They came home pretty early Sunday morning and Tony was pretty exhausted. As I hear the garage door opening I told Dakota that they were back and she took off running to greet them. She was so, so happy Harper was back! (She cried on Sat morning when she realized he'd left for camp.) When I came down the steps Harper ran and jumped up into my arms, and hung on for a bit telling me he'd missed me! Man that was a great feeling! 

They may be going on another camping trip in April, not sure if it'll just be the two of them again or if the rest of us will be going as well. We need to find out more information about it first.  

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