Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Medieval Times

Last Saturday we spent the morning and early afternoon at home. Harper had a friend from school come over to play and they had a wonderful time! Dakota kept herself busy rebuilding an old Lego kit and hanging out with Tony and I.

Later that afternoon/evening we went to Medieval Times with the girl scout troop; it was myself, Tony, Harper, Dakota and Mema. Landon opted out, lucky dog. (For the record, I really don't like going to Medieval Times, but since it was a family thing, I went.) They request that you get there 75 minutes early but that's just WAY too much sitting around time so we decided that an hour would be sufficient (still way too much time sitting around). All the extra time sitting in the castle is spent perusing their medieval crap (light up swords, real swords, things made of and with crystals, princess tiara's etc) and drinking beer. The kids lucked out with Mema being there because she was more than happy to buy Dakota a tiara and Harper and light up sword. There was no way I was spending money on that junk! For the record, Harper has played with that sword every day since he got it and Dakota wore her tiara to dance the other night and the teacher let her wear it for the entire class which totally made Dakota's day. 

This guys the one who was drinking before the show...and this look was after only half that glass in his hand. It got worse. ;) He kept trying to get me to order something but I just wasn't feeling it. 

As you can see from our crowns, we were on the green team this time around. It ended up that the girl scout troop was able to sit together just at different tables. There were 12 girls and they all sat next to one another and the families sat at nearby tables. I didn't imagine it would go over well with Dakota and I was half right. She sat with her friends but she came over to our table at least 6/7 times and Tony went to her several times as well. The picture below was taken from my seat and Dakota was way across the way from us. Just one table opposite but about 20 people away, if that makes sense.

I did get to sit by this little stinker though, he was happy being between Mema and I. 

My friend took this of the girls and sent it to me. So cute! After each knight battle thingy the knights toss carnations into the stands. One of the moms at the table caught the carnation but when her daughter didn't want it she gave it to Dakota. So, so sweet of her and Dakota was absolutely thrilled!

Even though I'm not a medieval times lover, it was a good night. I just can't get over the corniness of the show but am happy to spend the time with my family and love watching my kids enjoy themselves. 

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