Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tony Turns 46!

Last Tuesday was Tony's 46th birthday. It kind of sucked that it was on a Tuesday because that has to be the hardest day of the week for us since Dakota and I have to be at her dance lesson by 5:15 and aren't home until about 7, but I did what I could to make it nice.

Tony is a lasagna lover and the only time I even think about making it is for his birthday. Anyone who knows us knows that Tony is the accomplished cook in our house and I do just about anything I can to avoid it, but because I love him, I made the lasagna. It was good but I did burn it just slightly on the bottom...oops.

The kids made him sweet cards for his special day and were so excited to give them to him!

Dakota made Tic-Tac-Toe games to play with him as well as a game of Hangman. On the right it reads "Dad it is your birthday I hope that you like note and the present! Then, beneath that there are the beginnings of some people in which he was supposed to finish. I just love her creativity!

And then she also made his this Halloween themed card. I especially like the Love and/or Like boxes in which he was supposed to choose one and check it. I'm sure he LOVED it!

Harper's card was very similar in that it had a nice message and some games to play but he sealed his in an envelope and taped a pencil onto it before I could get a picture of it. Then, when Tony opened it that evening, I was so busy trying to serve lasagna and get Dakota to dance that I forgot to get a photo. If I come across it and think of it, I'll take a picture and update.

Instead of making a whole new cake or dessert for Tony's day we just stuck some candles in the cake Landon bought me! I know it seems lame but since we try not to eat too much junk, it seemed the best way to do it and less wasteful.

Happy birthday to my handsome husband! I love you and hope that this year is as amazing as I believe you are. 💗

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