Friday, May 13, 2011

9 Months

As of yesterday, this little one is 9 months old.


Here’s his progress report:

  • Those two bottom teeth I mentioned last month finally made their way through. Right now he’s working on pushing the top two through as well and boy will I be happy when they finally make their way in.
  • When he isn’t teething, he sleeps great. When he is teething, I'd like to hire someone to sit with him during the night just so that I can sleep for more than an hour and a half at a time. It’s hell.
  • He can push himself up with his hands into a sitting position. He does it so well, it’s like he’s always been able to. It’s weird.
  • He doesn’t quite crawl yet, but he gets up in the crawling position and tries. He kind of drags one leg beside him while the rest of his body moves…and then he face plants. The best part? He just keeps on trying.
  • He reaches out for my hands all the time because he wants to pull up. We don’t really have the greatest furniture for him to pull up on, so usually it’s just one of us. He loves to pull up then go walking around the house holding our fingers. I love it too.
  • He seems to finally enjoy some foods. The yogurts he eats in the morning continue to be a hit, and he eats most other baby food just fine now. Every once in awhile we’ll get a dud, but usually he’s just fine. He especially enjoys being able to pick up little crackers/cheerios etc. on his own. He also enjoys throwing them on the floor.
  • His favorite toys are still Landon and Ginger. He loves to grab the dogs rope and hold it out for her to get. Usually he’ll hold it out and as she starts to approach him to get it, he drops it. He doesn’t seem the least bit scared of her, and most of the time she’ll have nothing to do with him. He doesn’t exactly play real nice with her yet.
  • He laughs and laughs. This boy loves a good time. Pretty much anything Landon does is funny, but everyone else has found one way or another to amuse him. He screeches at the top of his lungs whenever the feeling strikes him, and we all think it’s hilarious…so he makes sure to do it plenty of times!
  • His only word is still Mama. I’m not so sure he knows what it means, but I love to hear it. He babbles a little here and there and sometimes we think he’s saying ball, but right now I’m still pretty convinced he’s just babbling.
  • He loves to shake his rattles.
  • He kicks/pushes toys away with his feet.
  • He likes to dump his toy basket.
  • He finds everything my vacuum misses.
  • He loves to watch the dog eat.
  • He pulls Zoe’s hair/necklaces/glasses every chance he gets.
  • He smells like heaven when he gets out of the bath.
  • He’s recently found that he has a cool toy in his diaper.
  • He’s precious and we love him.

He’ll have his well baby check up next Monday, and I’ll be sure to post his stats then.

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