Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caution! Splash Zone

I sure have been neglecting this blog lately! I don’t know if it’s because I’m too busy or if my life is just boring and I don’t have anything to say! I think it’s a little of both and I don’t really see anything exciting in my future either! Anyways, I did scrapbook a little this past weekend, so I have a page to share! I’ll only share one today and that should guarantee a post for tomorrow right?


These are pictures from our summer trip to Massanutten, VA. We had such a great time (as usual!) and the water park is always something we look forward to. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we make it back out there!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is it Raining?

My mom sent this to me a few weeks ago and I thought it was blog worthy. Just take a minute and fifty seconds and enjoy…it really is worth watching to the end.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Feed Me!

I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I’ve made a scrapbook page. Life has just been busy and somewhat overwhelming, but I am trying to get back to it. I have way too many supplies/pictures here to keep ignoring! So, Saturday night, I finally finished this page:


It’s a picture of a baby bird in it’s nest out on my front porch. I thought the picture was pretty funny…doesn’t it look like that bird is screaming for it’s dinner!?!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thunder vs Thunder


Today was Landon’s first soccer game. The weather has been really nice lately, so he didn’t even have to play in intense heat. He played really well in the first half, and kept up with the ball the whole time. He’s really improved since last year, and I’m surprised at how much difference a year can make!

During the second half Tony and I noticed he wasn’t as into the game, and was barely running at all. We thought he was just tired already, but after the game he informed us that he had somehow hurt his leg. I guess he didn’t hurt it too badly though because he was able to skateboard and run around with a ball this evening…

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Today we made our annual trek to the Renaissance Fest. The weather was overcast and cool all day, and because it looked like it was going to rain a lot of the crowd didn’t show up! Every other year we’ve been it’s been super hot and packed full of people so this was a nice change.


We were able to get to several shows, some we’ve seen every year, some new ones.

  • A Fooled Named O- We’ve seen this show for years, and it started with just O and then evolved to O and his son, and then more recently turned into O and La La. I think the most current show is the best, and we can’t help but laugh at how silly the show is.
  • The Renaissance Man is a show we’ve never seen before, but I’m glad we stayed after O to see it. He used kids from the audience to act out the story of Pandora, the first woman in Greek mythology. The kids were really cute and the Renaissance Man did a great job making us all laugh the whole way through.
  • Landon really wanted to see Johnny Fox again, so Tony my dad and the kids went to watch that while mom and I went to get massages. Mom said her massage wasn’t very good, but mine was great! Johnny Fox grosses me out, so I wasn’t sad to miss his show. I’ve seen him several times before and it never fails to make me queasy.
  • The Amazing Nocheaux- was something we’ve never seen before either, and I don’t think I’d watch them again. Their story was ok, but a little boring. They did some magic, but nothing real interesting, and they need to work on the humor aspect because it was a little dry.
  • Hypnosis Bob- This is the one show Zoe really wanted to see and it’s also the one I was most excited about.We watched it last year and we thought it was hilarious! This year was pretty good too, but I think last year’s group of people were a little better…maybe because it was all new to me then, I don’t know. Overall, the show is still pretty funny and watching people who are hypnotized is really cool!
  • The London Broil- Another new show to us, and I really enjoyed it. They had us laughing the entire show, and they were great jugglers as well. They did mess up quite a few times, but it just made the show all the more funny! Comedy and juggling actually works very well together! Who knew?

We also caught Hack and Slash right at the end of their show, and we’ll have to try to catch the whole thing next year. It looks like another comedy act, and I noticed a lot of people wearing Hack and Slash t-shirts, so maybe they all know something I don’t!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On a High Note

Landon is super excited about band this year.


At our school band isn’t offered at all until 3rd grade, and there are only about 4 instruments to choose from. He chose the viola because “the bass was way too big and nothing else was cool, so I got the smallest thing”.

His friend is also joining the band, and they are hoping to sit next to each other in the back row. Landon said that sitting in the back was important because then, if they didn’t sound good or they messed up, no one would know!

Smart boy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kiersten’s Visit

Kiersten was able to come and visit with us over the holiday weekend this year, and we were all happy to see her. Although her visit was short, we were able to get her over to see great-grandma and great-grandpa as well as spend some quality time with her playing a few rounds of Yahtzee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

I’m sure we wore her out from all the excitement this past weekend and she’s probably back at school wishing she was here!

We also managed to squeeze in a few photo’s yesterday before she left:



Monday, September 7, 2009

Visiting the Greats


On Saturday we all headed out to visit with Tony’s grandparents. Clara, his grandmother is 89 and James, his grandfather is 96. It was an awesome, though somewhat depressing visit.



They were both very happy to see us, and Landon entertained us all with his skateboarding skills. It amazes me to think of all that these two have lived to see and do.


Their lives were very different than we are accustomed to yet Tony’s grandfather never fails to ask him how things are going with the computer industry. He’s very knowledgeable about much that is going on today, even though he really doesn’t have any first hand experience with some of what he talks about.

Great-Grandma Clara is rather quiet, but her health isn’t so great. She’s been having a rough month, and we aren’t quite sure what the future holds for her. It’s sad to think that just 3 weeks ago she was playing Sequence with Landon but now she hardly has the energy to get out of bed.

I’m just hoping that they are both comfortable and well cared for where they are. It appeared to be a really nice facility, where there were lots of activities with plenty of freedom and outings. I know that several families are visiting them on a weekly/weekend basis, and the great-grandkids keep them entertained. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get back out there to visit them before too long.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Jump or Not to Jump

Wondering what it is that the kids are looking at?


It’s a jumping bean that one of Zoe’s friends sent her in the mail. They thought the bean would jump in the cold, so Zoe put it in the refrigerator.

It died.

But, they thought maybe if they brought it out into the sun it might just jump.

It didn’t.

So, what was the next logical thing to do?

Break it open and see what made it jump! Yuck! It sure was a nasty little creature inside that bean!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a Quick Update…

With school and soccer season in full swing, life has been busy. We are running around here like crazy and it’s only the beginning of what looks like a loooong school year.

Yesterday Zoe’s soccer team had their second scrimmage and it was a gorgeous day for it! (It was actually chilly enough by the end of the game that we could have worn light jackets or sweatshirts! I for one am ready for some cooler weather!) They didn’t win, but they certainly played hard.


I have to insist that Landon do his homework immediately after school because if I let him wait he’s just too tired and whiney.


Yesterday that meant bringing his work to the field to complete. He had a hard time staying focused, but he did finish it all and then he had lots of time to play around afterwards. His struggle is mostly with concentration, and if we can get him to master that, his homework would really only take about 10 minutes.

Water Balloons

When my kids told me they didn't know what to do with themselves yesterday I suggested they go outside and play with the water balloons....