Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

  1. I took Harper to the doctor today because he’s had some kind of strange rash on his legs for awhile now. It turned out to be dry skin. D-R-Y S-K-I-N. I’m glad that’s all it is, but seriously.
  2. I was playing Super Mario 3D today with Harper. I kept dying over and over again on one particular level and Harper was about to come unglued with me! He kept telling me to just play a different level or give it to him so he could help me! I eventually beat the level and I’ve never seen my 3 year old so relieved!
  3. Dakota has added a few new words to her repertoire. Stop, Moo, and Up are among them. I’m glad to hear a few new words here and there, even if she’s constantly telling me “up” either to hold her or to get up and do what she wants me to do.
  4. Landon has a friend over for tonight. I told him to have his friend bring his laptop so they could play Mine Craft together…which is exactly what they’d be doing if they weren’t having a sleepover. They are having an excellent time!
  5. Zoe’s home for the weekend. I suspect she’ll be home most weekends since Brandon’s here, and I’m always weirdly happy that she’s coming home. It’s just not the same when your kids aren’t home…

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Harper’s View

Harper has discovered the photo button on my phone. I’ve been finding all kinds of interesting pictures…

Running Girl


Toes and Necklace


Lunch Time Selfie


Blinking Selfie


That is just a mere sampling of the 100+ pictures I’ve found that he’s taken. There were several of his blankets, blurry Dakota’s, people from the waist down (his eye level, haha), blurry Ginger’s and even a couple shots straight up his nose.

Good thing these cameras are digital and easy to erase! Back in the “old” days I would've had to pay to get the film developed to see all this!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

December Daily (Last 5 Days) & Mother Goose







Today was Harper’s first day back at school. He wasn’t real eager to go so I started telling him about all the fun he was going to have and I told him that someone special, Mother Goose, was going to come and visit his school. Well, I shouldn’t have ever mentioned Mother Goose. He was totally freaking out about it and kept crying that he didn’t want to see Mother Goose. It took me awhile to talk him off that ledge, but I was able to do it successfully.

So, we got to school and he was feeling confident again until the mom came up to the van to help him out. He was being silly and didn’t want to get out so she told him very excitedly “Guess what! Mother Goose is coming for a visit!” Well, she didn’t know that that was totally the wrong thing to say and Harper was just about in tears and didn’t want to go inside. The other mom took one look at me and said “I guess that wasn’t the right thing to tell him,huh?” I kinda laughed and told her it was fine, and somehow we were able to get Harps out of the van. Once she had him out, I quickly yelled my goodbye’s, closed the door and got out of there.

When I picked him up from school his teacher told me that Harper had been very hesitant about Mother Goose, but that he hadn’t cried. She said he sat in the back under the table but happily watched the show. I don’t know what he thought Mother Goose was going to do, but I’m glad he was brave and stuck it out.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

December Daily Album (Cover + First 10 Days)

I finally finished my December daily album this past week. It took everything I had to make myself finish it. Here is the front cover and the first 10 days.

2013-12-15 001 2013-12-14 002

2013-12-15 001 2013-12-14 005

2013-12-15 001 2013-12-14 006

2013-12-15 001 2013-12-14 008

2013-12-23 001 2013-12-22 007

2013-12-23 001 2013-12-22 010

2013-12-23 001 2013-12-23 010





Time For Tea

On Friday I set up a little tea party for the two kiddo’s.



At first there was a little fighting over the cakes and muffins, but once we got that settled, they had fun. Zoe and I were watching them and they were being so good sharing. Harper just talked and talked while Dakota did her thing. At once point Zoe and I realized Harper was singing along with the little pink tea pot and we both grabbed our phones to record him.

That little boy is something else!


The air in our house is really dry and Dakota’s hair pretty much stands on end all day with static. It drives her and I both crazy so yesterday I put her hair back using three elastic bands just to control the flyaways.


Doing her hair this way sure helped control the static and she looked cute as a button as well.



The Marble Track

Lately, our go to toy has been the marble track. It is definitely Dakota’s top choice, but Harper plays with it quite often too. Koko still wants to put the marbles in her mouth so we have to watch her closely when she plays, but she doesn’t do it quite as often as she used to. Harper likes to experiment with different ways to play with the track, like using cups to pour large amounts at once. He’s learned that using a container to pour the marbles usually causes a backup.




Whenever I’m on the phone, Dakota wants to also be on the phone. She moans and groans until I let her have a chance to “talk” to whoever’s on the other end. She pretty much just says “hi” repeatedly, but she is just thrilled when she gets a response. She was talking to her dada on the phone the other day and when I went to snap a picture, this was the face I got! Not sure what he’s saying to her, but she looks concerned!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Five On Friday

  1. As of today, Dakota is feeling great and is back to being her charming little self. Harper, on the other hand, is feeling crummy and has been running a fever off and on all day.
  2. I watched two movies this week. (I’m not a movie person, so this is news!) I watched 127 Hours and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Obviously two completely different types of movies, both good in their own ways. Would I watch either of them again, no. Were they a complete waste of my time, no. I’d give them both 3 out of 5 stars. They were just okay.
  3. Zoe’s been packing all day to head back to school tomorrow. In some ways it feels like she’s been here forever and in other ways it seems like it was over in a blink.That’s life for ya.
  4. Landon only has 3 days of school next week. I’m really hoping everyone is feeling good so that we can possibly go out and do something fun while he’s off school. Fingers crossed.
  5. We have gigantic icicles hanging from our gutters outside. I mean, they are HUGE! I tried getting some pictures of them today but you just can’t tell how long they are by my pictures. They sure are pretty though!

Thursday’s Post

I never got around to posting last night because Zoe MADE me watch a movie with her instead of doing what I’d normally do. The movie wasn’t too bad, but when it was over I couldn’t wait to go to bed! I was exhausted!


Schools opened 2 hours late yesterday which meant that Harper didn’t end up having preschool. So, instead of going to school, he went to Rolly Pollies with Dakota and I. Mema met us there and it was nice that she was able to be with one or the other of them while I was busy with one. They both had a good time and we were starving once it was over so we headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch afterwards.

Waiting for their stamps.


After lunch they were both exhausted so we headed home. Dakota barely made it out onto the highway before she fell asleep and Harper was silent the entire way home. Rolly Pollies does that to ya.


After naptime we did some watercolor painting. We haven’t done that in quite awhile so they were both happy to give it a go.



Around 5pm Tony realized that Harper was running a fever again. I had to run out to the store to get a few dinner items and while I was gone Harps kept telling Tony he was cold and wanted him to hold him, yet he was warm to the touch. Just when I think we are getting back on track, he’s feeling badly again. I sure hope this goes away quickly, poor little guy.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day!


It has been snowing here all day. We’ve got several inches out there and it sure doesn’t seem to be letting up at all. Schools are cancelled for tomorrow, so Landon is ecstatic! The high for tomorrow is supposed to be 13, so I guess we’ll just be keeping ourselves in the house!

Everyone except Dakota and I went out in the snow today. I asked Kota if she wanted to go outside and she said uh-uh. She pretty much says that about everything though so I don’t know if she really meant it or not but I decided it was probably best to keep her out of it anyways.

Zoe, Landon and Brandon walked down to the park with Harper, but they weren’t down there long. The wind is really blowing and it is just super cold. Harper is always ready to come in the house once his hands get cold so I knew he wouldn’t last long anyways.

Once Harper had had enough, the three big kids decided to go sledding. They weren’t gone too terribly long, but they had a good time. I made Zoe bring her phone to get some pictures…and she remembered to use it!





Dakota wanted a yogurt for her snack after nap so I got one out and opened it for her. I’m not sure what I did wrong exactly, but she had a major meltdown when I offered it to her. I sat on the floor to help her with it and she threw herself down crying. So, I just waited, and when she saw me still sitting there she crawled over to the mat in front of the refrigerator and finished her tantrum there. It was a pretty dramatic scene and I couldn’t help but take a picture.


She stayed like that for awhile and then got up and came over and climbed in my lap ready to eat her yogurt. Man this age is tough to figure out!

Water Balloons

When my kids told me they didn't know what to do with themselves yesterday I suggested they go outside and play with the water balloons....