Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tasty Toesies


From the day this baby was born, he always had his little legs curled up tight against his body. He almost never stretched them out for the longest time and even to this day he will pull up his legs while I’m trying to change his diaper. He doesn’t keep them tight to his tummy like he used to, but he just never puts those little legs down! Once he figured out there were cute little toes to nibble on at the end of those legs he couldn’t keep them out of his mouth! Every time we’d put him down, he’d grab ahold of those feet and attack his toes!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Five on Friday

  • I had my monthly check-up today, and all is well in baby land. The baby’s heartbeat sounded strong and regular, just like it should sound. The sound of a tiny beating heart is still so comforting since I still don’t feel much movement…but, just this week, I have started to feel some moving around, and that’s exciting!
  • Landon went to the orthodontist yesterday and since he’s been so great about wearing his retainer (all day, every day) since getting it, he was told he only had to wear it at night from now on. It was strange for him to not have to wear it today, and he kept checking his pockets and all over the house for it…and then he’d remember he left it in his case upstairs. Now, I just hope he’ll remember to put it in at night time!
  • Harper has really started to try to talk lately. He’s saying more and more words…one of them being “more”. He says that the most. He also says: ice, mama, gaga (dada), on, off, up, moo (when he sees a cow) baa (for a sheep), mama (for mema), ball and he makes a spitting type sound when asked what noise an elephant makes. He’s trying to copy what his daddy does, but it comes out as a spit…it’s still really cute!
  • Two big events for Zoe this week…First, she got an acceptance letter from Towson University! That is her second acceptance letter and we’re still waiting to hear from two other schools, one being her #1 choice, Maryland. We’re anxious for the news, but I am very proud that she’s already got the green light from two of the schools she applied to. Second, Zoe participated in this years Polar Bear Plunge today. The bigger event is tomorrow, but today’s event was for all the local schools. Zoe said it was crazy and cold, but she had a good time and said she’d definitely do it again. Here’s a picture of her all gussied up for the event:                                                           032
  • Tony came home from work today with a dozen beautiful red roses, and it isn’t even Valentine’s Day or our anniversary or anything. He did it just because…and it was a wonderful surprise and great kick off to our weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last night at dinner, Tony asked Zoe how the first day of her last high school semester went. It was at that moment that it struck me that she’s half way through her senior year. I nearly choked on my green beans! I realized that she was beginning a new semester, and had already been asking her what her schedule looked like, but it just hadn’t dawned on me that this was the last semester of high school for her. Ever.

While that was still sinking in, Landon said, well, aren’t you going to ask me how my first day of my last elementary school semester went? And, yep, you guessed it, I hadn’t thought about that either. I was really taken aback when it was put that way, that they were both halfway to achieving two major milestones.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m kind of depressed about all of it. Landon told me not to worry about him getting older because I had Harper and the other baby to still go through all this with. But, it really doesn’t make it any better. I mean, I’m glad I’ll get to experience all of these new things with Harper and the new baby, but watching my other two babies move on is incredibly painful.

There is a part of me that is just so overwhelmed by the thought of Zoe going away to college that I just choose not to think about it. I just kind of have to deal with what happens as it happens…or I start to feel panicky about the whole thing. And, Landon going to middle school gives me the same unsettled feeling. I’m proud of them both for doing so well, and becoming such awesome people, but I just wish I could get back some of those days when they were much younger.

It’s ironic that as I write this I am suddenly feeling tiny baby movements for the first time, for sure. As if this baby is moving around reminding me that there is still much adventuring to do. Many things to be explored and tons of experiences to share; that no matter how old my kids are, they’re still mine and I’m still theirs... and we’ve still got an incredible journey ahead.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

School’s Out…

Today my kids were off school again so we decided to hit the mall for a little shopping and some lunch. I had to drag everybody out of bed at 9am because I have to make sure to be back home by noon so that Harper can nap. (I’m not one of those easy going mom’s who just let their kid sleep in the stroller…I gotta get that boy in his bed at home so he’ll sleep for a couple hours! I need it as much as he does, maybe more!)

I had a JC Penny’s gift card burning a hole through my wallet so I decided it was time to replace the shower curtain and rug in the kids’ bathroom. I’m not sure how long I’ve had the same curtain and rug, but I’m thinking at least 8 years!! I was just sick of looking at them and the rug was starting to fray, so I felt like it was time!

I was surprised that they really didn’t have much of a selection in the store, but luckily I found one that I liked. I ended up getting this one, in case your just dying to know!

After I found a rug to match we headed to the little kid play area for Harper to run around. He just loves playing in those things, and I figure it helps him burn some energy. Landon helped me watch him in the play area while Zoe went to Sephora and spent over $20 on 2 glitter eye liners. Landon was all business when it came to watching Harper in the play area too. He kept reminding me to be careful and to make sure Harper didn’t stay on one piece of equipment too long because other kids might want a turn. I’m so lucky he was there to keep me in line!

We ended up leaving the mall just before noon and Harper made it until we pulled into our neighborhood before falling asleep. I had to wake him up to change his diaper and then put him back to bed and the guy was so tired he went right to sleep. Thank goodness!

The kids will be going back to school tomorrow and  Harper and I will be able to get back to our daily routine. I’ve become such a creature of habit these days! I don’t know if that’s really how I’ve always been or just another sign of getting older, but I sure do like to keep a schedule.

This afternoon I’ve been working on a new seasonal frame for inside my doorway (I’ve had my fall one up forever!!) and hope to have a picture of it tomorrow. I’m not sure if I love it, but it’s a done deal for now because I just don’t have time to worry about it! On to the next project…

Monday, January 23, 2012

I See You


I can still remember the day Harper and I were sitting in the living room and he happened to see me in his mirror while he was gnawing on it. He just kind of got real still and looked for the longest time before he went back to the business of chewing his mirror. And then, a few moments later, he turned that mirror just so and found his own little eyes staring back at him. I wonder what he must have thought seeing those eyes looking at him!?

Summer/ The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things


This picture of the kids and I was taken at my parents house this past June. I have no idea where Harper is, but the light was awesome and we were there and pictures just started happening…I love this shot of me and my two big kids!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Five on Friday

  1. We are having our basement walls and bathroom repaired. The guys started yesterday and should be finished today, and it’s really starting to look great down there. We had to put in a new drainage system because our basement kept leaking and they are basically just repairing all the damage from the new drain install. I’m so glad we’ll have walls and a bathroom down there again! I know Tony’s happy about it too.
  2. We plan to start painting the basement this weekend. It’s a pretty big area so I don’t know if we’ll actually finish it this weekend, but I’ll be so happy to see the yellow sparkly walls go. I’ve already chosen a muted “man cave” color, we’ve just gotta pick it up and get started.
  3. I’d forgotten how big of a pain it was to have to drive Zoe every where. We won’t be getting our car back until at least Feb 3rd and I’ll be missing it very much until then. And, Zoe’s going to have to get right back into driving again when we get it…can’t let her be afraid for the rest of her life.
  4. Harper had a really rough morning this morning. He started out happy, but by 9am it turned into a crying/hold me/I’m not happy kind of day. I think he’s just tired from getting up so darn early, but I sure don’t know what to do to get him to sleep later in he morning. We’ve been putting him to bed later at night, but so far it hasn’t done any good…it actually seems like he’s getting up earlier. He was sleeping until around 6:30am, but the past few days he’s barely made 6am. It’s making me tired too, and I don’t have time for tired.
  5. We are supposed to get some crappy rain/ice weather tonight and tomorrow, and it’s going to be down right cold. But, by Monday, the weather is supposed to be in the high 50s! Crazy winter.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Zoo

This is probably Harpers favorite toy.


We play with it several times a day. First thing in the morning, a little more before naptime, and again after nap. Sometimes we will sit and play with this one toy for a good half hour. That’s pretty good when you consider he’s only 17 months old.


He likes to put the animals on the slide and watch them go down into the “water” at the end. He likes to try to make them stand up on the very tippy top…and then knock them off. He loves to play peek-a-boo with each animal peering through the openings and he likes to mimic the sounds each of them make.


He also likes to “feed” his animals and even smacks his lips while feeding them their treats. He knows most of them by name and if I ask him to get me a specific animal, he can.


He’s also discovered that he likes to line all of them up on the ledge that separates our living and dining room. He puts them up there, and moves them around, and eventually knocks them all back off into the bucket.


Zoe’s Art


This is Zoe’s latest artwork from school. The whole thing is made from layered/painted cardboard, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but she’s taking 3-D art and she’s really good at it. They’ve done some really interesting pieces and when I saw this one I was in love!

My first thought when I saw it was that I should hang it on the hall in the stairway but then I thought if the new baby was a girl, it would be cute in her nursery. I’m still undecided but I’m leaning towards hanging it down here in the stairway so that it can be seen all the time. I love how bright and cheery it is.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Accident

I don’t even know where to begin writing this post, so I’m just going to let it all spill out and hopefully it’ll end up making sense.

Last night around 6:45 I got a text from Zoe, and getting a text from Zoe at that time was strange because she was due at work at 6pm and I know she’s not allowed to text while on the clock. So, I knew something was up, and when I read the word “Mom”, I was immediately worried. I had a feeling in my stomach that she had been in a car accident, and after texting her and calling her several times, she finally replied that she had indeed had an accident. I kept asking her (via text) if she was okay and where she was, but only after about what felt like an eternity did she finally tell me that she was fine and that she had gone on to work. (She wouldn’t answer my calls or texts because she was working and obviously wasn’t thinking about how freaked out I was at home!) I felt a little better knowing she had made it to work and figured the car couldn’t be in that terrible of shape if she had driven it.

I was wrong.


Now I realize that as far as car accidents go, this doesn’t look all that bad, but when your child is in said car, this looks pretty scary. I couldn’t believe the damage when I saw it, and I’m still amazed at the fact that Zoe saw this and then still decided to go on to work! And, not only go to work and then drive back home, but she didn’t even get pulled over! I mean, the driver side headlight is only pointing up to the sky! Crazy!

I am just so happy that she walked away from this unharmed. The other driver was fine also, and Zoe said there was no damage to their car at all. What happened is the light turned green and as Zoe started to go, the guy ahead, for some unknown reason, slammed on his brakes and she couldn’t stop fast enough. So, she rear ended him and of course, this is her fault…and as much as it sucks, I’m just eternally grateful that she’s ok.

PS: I did tell Zoe that if she should ever be in trouble again, any sort of trouble in which she was not hurt, she is to call me, or if she can’t do that, at least start a text this way “I’m not hurt, but” and then explain to me what’s going on. There is just nothing worse that getting a text that says nothing more than “Mom”. It’s just way too much to bear to have to sit and wonder what the hell is going on.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

I know today is a holiday for many, but for me, it’s just another day of work, work, work. One downfall to being a stay-at-home mom is there is never a day off. Even with having a nice scrapbooking retreat two weekends ago I’m feeling overwhelmed and overtired. I guess it could be a combination of an endless list of things to do/pregnancy/toddlers-teens and a stupid cold that won’t quit, but I’m soooo in need of a vacation! I'm already longing for our spring break trip!

This past weekend was filled with shopping, shopping and more shopping. Landon and Harper have decided that they no longer want to fit their clothes (the nerve of them to grow!)and they both needed an entire new wardrobe. The biggest problem with them outgrowing their clothes right now is that winter clothes are now hard to find. I mean, if we were heading out for a cruise and needed bathing suits, no problem, but long sleeve shirts? Forget it! I ended up getting some good deals on clearance, and what they got will suffice, but it wasn’t easy.

I also finally ruined the last pair of non-maternity jeans I had, so I too needed some clothes. I swear I wear my jeans until they are just falling apart.I was hoping I could get away with that last pair until I was forced to wear maternity clothes, but as fate would have it, their final day had arrived. I’m not going to wear maternity clothes any longer than I have to either because once I get to that 9 month mark I am sick to death of wearing pants that practically reach my neck.

As if that weren’t enough shopping, I then decided that this was the weekend to go prom dress shopping. I promised myself I’d get to it much earlier than I did last year (March) and so off Zoe and I went. We decided to start with the mall, although I was pretty sure we weren’t going to find much. We stopped at Macy’s, Nordstrom's, some shop with a million gaudy dresses, and then Lord and Taylors. We found a couple we liked, but there was one at Lord and Taylors that I just thought fit her like a charm. It’s a beautiful navy blue gown with just the right touches of bling. Nothing eccentric or overwhelming. It could be described as elegant…in my opinion! I could see her wearing this to another event in her future too, and that makes me even more happy about the dress choice. She’s not so positive she loves it as much as I do, mostly because she felt like we didn’t shop enough stores, but I felt like why keep looking when you’ve found THE dress?

Well, I’m off to get my haircut, then it’ll be time to get everybody back into school mode for the rest of the week…which includes 4 half days and then another two days off. I wonder why my kids even have school in January at this point.

Sunday, January 15, 2012



During Landon’s (very long) baseball games, we had to find ways to keep Harper busy, and thankfully there was a park just a few feet away.He loved to just swing away while other kids played around him.

Journaling reads:

Having fun swinging at the park during one of Landon’s baseball games.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


My parents bought a little blow up pool for their back yard so that Harper would have something to play in while we visited. It was really hot out so it didn’t take long before we were ready to get out there and try it out.

Landon couldn’t wait to get in the pool with us, but as soon as he did, he started dumping icy cold hose water on Tony. Eventually Tony had enough of that and got a little payback!

The journaling reads:

Looks like somebody messed with Dad one too many times!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Five on Friday

  1. I woke up Tuesday morning with a nasty cold. Since I’m pregnant I take the no medicine thing very seriously, and thought maybe I could just deal with the congestion and headache. I was wrong. There’s something about having a cold and a toddler at the same time that isn’t conducive to just “dealing with it”. So, today, after 2 days of misery, I decided to call my doctor and see what meds I could take. As soon as Tony got home I ran to CVS and picked up a box of Sudafed. I might as well have saved my money and just continued to deal with it.
  2. Harper has slept through the night all but one night this week. It’s been really nice to wake up in the morning and not feel like a zombie. And, don’t worry, I’ve already knocked on wood, thrown salt over my shoulder, pinched myself and choreographed an interpretive dance about my fortune.
  3. The only way I can seem to get a shower in the morning these days is if I let Harper in with me. Without him taking a morning nap my morning alone time is gone so I’ve had to incorporate him into my shower time. Occasionally he won’t freak out and he’ll play with his toys in the bathroom while I shower, but 9 times out of 10 he screams and cries until I get him in there. He’s really good in there and just sits on the shower floor playing with whatever toy I bring in, but shaving my legs has become, well, interesting…
  4. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since I went to my scrapbooking crop. I had such a good time despite missing my family. I don’t see getting to do anything like that for a very long time.
  5. Despite being sick, I went out to Babies R Us today to use my $25 in bonus bucks and I just happened to find the crib I ‘d like to get for the new baby. It’s very plain, just a small, white rectangle really…just what I want. I don’t want to go the route I did with Landon and Harper and get a ton of big furniture so I’ve decided this is what I want:
Babi Italia Eastside Island Single Crib - White - Babi Italia  - Babies"R"Us

And, it’s on sale, so I’m going to go pick it up tomorrow! Hard to believe I’m going to have two little one’s that’ll need their own cribs, but there you have it!

Thursday, January 12, 2012



Jumping on the trampoline has to be one of the most fun things to do when the weathers nice. I don’t care how old you are, jumping on the trampoline is just fun! Of course, Harper isn’t really jumping in these pictures (Zoe isn’t either…) but he was enjoying all the action!

Journaling reads:

A nice day spent outside jumping on the trampoline. Great exercise, great fun!

Just Chillin’


My husband loves popsicles more than anyone I know. The moment it starts getting warm outside, he starts eating popsicles. He doesn’t just eat one either, it’s usually at least 3-4 a day, and there have been times I’ve lost count!

It seems that he’s passed on this little quirk to Landon and Harper too. If Landon sees that Tony has a popsicle, he’s gotta have one! And Harper…well, he can’t even go into the garage without walking over to the freezer and slapping on the door (his way of letting me know he wants a popsicle!).

With the three of them eating popsicles the way they do, I guess I better make sure we’re stocked up when Spring rolls around!



These photos were taken at Chris and Lori’s swimming pool. It’s never really warm enough to swim in Maryland in early June, but once the pool’s open it’s hard to resist. The kids didn’t end up swimming very long because the water was just way too cold, but it was still a fun day.

The journaling reads:

In June the water in the pool is freezing and the best way to get in is to just muster up the nerve and jump in!

I just love Zoe’s hair in the bottom picture! It’s crazy, isn’t it!!

December Daily, Days 23-25

Day 23, Baking Cookies


Day 24, Christmas Eve


Day 25, Christmas Day


And the back cover…simple like the front.


Another year done. I was really not feeling this project this year, but I’m so glad I followed through because I’m super happy with the end result. I’ve got to keep that in mind every year when I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the holiday stuff! Now, onto the next thing! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Days 13-15 December Daily 2011

Time to try to get back into the swing of things…again. I have lots to post about, mainly recent scrapbook pages and such, so be ready for lots of pages!

First up, the last half of my December Daily album. It’s too much for one post though, so bear with me.

Day 13, Crayon Art


Day 14, Our Holiday Favorites


Day 15, Harper and the Lights

I thought it might be fun to try to get some pictures of Harper and a string of lights. When we first put the lights on the tree and house he just couldn’t help but try to touch them and pull them off of the tree. After a couple days and a million “no-no’s” he left them alone and pretty much forgot about them. I remembered I had these larger colored lights in the basement so I pulled them out for him to see, and boy did he love it! He smelled them, looked at each color, attempted to taste them, broke them…and I just took photo after photo. He wouldn’t look at me no matter what I did and none of the pictures I got are what I had imagined, but the one of him trying to smell the lights was worth all the effort!



Dance, 9/18/18

Dakota had her second dance class last night. Her class this year is at least twice the size as last year and it's harder to get videos...