Monday, March 31, 2008


Where has this month gone already? Geesh...time sure does seem to be flying by. Our weekend was super busy with sports. Saturday afternoon Landon had baseball practice and while Tony stayed with him for that, Zoe and I "played" tennis, although what we were doing hardly looked like playing tennis. It looked more like 2 people chasing tennis balls around a huge court. We had fun though. After Landon's practice I took Landon to the dirt bike park and he rode his bike up and down the hills...he LOVED it! It was scary to watch him and some of the hills were way too big for him to get up and he kept crashing, but did that stop him? No. He just kept getting back on his bike and kept trying. Then the kids and I thought we would try to fly our kite. I had no idea that there was an actual skill needed to fly a kite. We never did get that damn thing up in the air, but I am determined to learn how to fly a kite and we will be trying again as soon as we get the chance!

On Sunday Zoe had a game in Mount Airy, (if I could live anywhere in Maryland, I think I would choose Mt. Airy, it is so beautiful there!) so we had a 45 min. drive to get there and boy was it cold. Landon brought his bike and had a blast riding around on all the hills...again scaring the crap out of me. He didn't realize that when he was going down a steep hill that he didn't need to pedal. I had to explain to him that when he was FLYING down a steep hill he could just let the hill do the work. I thought for sure I was going to have to call 911. Did he think anything of it? No.

Landon and I were able to pull the car up in front of the soccer field in order field to watch Zoe's game. It wasn't one of their better games, and they lost 5-0. I am really hoping these girls get it together, or it is going to be one long, depressing season. The girls didn't play badly though, the other team was just really doing well. This weekend Zoe doesn't have a game but the weekend after that we have a game on Sat. and Sun and Landon has his first b-ball game. Busy, Busy, Busy!

Friday, March 28, 2008

On the Fritz

Sometimes I really hate my DVR! Thursday nights are my big T.V. night and I DVR everything and watch it the next day or later that night, just so I don't have to rush down here, fight for the T.V. and then tell everyone to SHHH...

Well, today I came downstairs to find that my recorder didn't record a single show from last night...except for the LOST repeat! So, I missed the finale of The Apprentice and an episode of Survivor. I really hated to miss the finale since I actually followed this season, but Survivor I can live without every episode. I don't understand why the DVR doesn't always work though, it shows that it is set up to record at the right time and channel...oh-well. I really don't need to watch all that crap anyways I guess. I am a little dissappointed that Piers Morgan won the Apprentice though. He was such a jerk the entire show, and Trace was so nice, but all the money went to a great charity, and that's all that matters anyways.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tony and I watched I Am Legend last night. I thought it was pretty good, but I wasn't too sure I liked the ending. I don't know why exactly, but it just didn't seem finished to me. I also didn't get the feeling that the freaks in the movie were vampires. They just didn't fit that stereotype to me. I imagine vampires as being more sophisticated and sneaky...not crazy, blood thirsty, foaming at the mouth weirdo's; but, whatever.

We went to Zoe's last indoor soccer game last night. I usually enjoy going to the indoor games, but this season was so bad for them, I was glad to see it over! They lost last night 6-2 and it just wasn't pretty. I am hoping the outdoor season will be better. {I know they are all hoping for the same!}

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

25 Sins

This is a paper I found in Landon's backpack this afternoon. IMG_9641 When I explained to him what it really said, we laughed and laughed...never a dull moment around here!

Colored Eggs

I have been wanting to get started with the 52 weeks...52 sketches challenge being run by Julie Bonner but I have been too busy (and unmotivated) until this week. When I saw this weeks sketch I knew I had to get started. That said, here is my week 12 submission:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ham or Meat?

Every night at dinner, no matter what we are having, Landon calls the "meat" portion chicken. So, it could be pork, beef, fish and he will call it chicken. So, out of nowhere today, he comes upstairs and asks me "What are we, meat or ham?" I was completly caught off guard and had no idea what he was talking about. When I asked him what in the world he was talking about he said "You know, if you ate a person would they be meat, or ham?" That's when I nearly fell on the floor laughing! I told him we don't eat people so we didn't fit either of those categories. So he says "Then we must be chicken!"

I still can't explain it without laughing!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning

Landon came running in our room at 8:15am or so "Mom, it's Easter!" and then he ran out and downstairs...then back up "Mom, I see eggs!" and then..."Zoe, wake up!" and "Mom, come on!". So, Tony, Zoe and I rolled outta bed and went down to see what all the fuss was about. Landon was so excited to see the eggs and then he found his basket! Zoe, slowly woke up and then started finding eggs and then her basket. They were both happy to have found their goodies and all the hidden eggs. They both got some cool stuff, but they were still both more interested in playing Jaron's borrowed Guitar Hero! So, they have been taking turns with that all morning. I am so glad Tony and I didn't go crazy this year with the Easter stuff!

Horton Hears a Who?

Yesterday we drove Jaron home and spent the day hanging out with everyone at Mom and Dad's. We got there around 11:30 or so, had lunch then Tony, LaTisha and I went to the store to look for Easter stuff...we didn't really NEED to, but we did any ways. Then we met Mom, Dad and the 3 kids at the movie theater to see Horton Hears a was pretty lame.Sad The trailer looked really cute, but it was pretty disappointing. The kids enjoyed it though, and that is what we went for so all was not lost. After the movie we went back to the house and everyone played round after round of Guitar Hero, and then we went to dinner at TGI Friday's.  It was an expensive weekend, but a lot of fun.
While everyone else was playing Guitar Hero, mom and I went down in the basement to look at some old things she has found since they moved. There were some REALLY old things in there, and it was funny how much of it I remembered. The one thing I vividly remembered was a hat I decorated for Girl Scout Day 1984! I actually remember that camp, and I remember making all of the little trinkets on the hat. Each troop made their own trinket and then we traded and clipped them all to our hats.IMG_9613 IMG_9616 I also remember that was the trip when a friend and I were returning from the bathroom and we were skipping along and we both stepped right on a snake! We were scared to death and ran the rest of the way to the camp crying; we were both fine and who knows whatever happened to that poor snake!
Other things we found in the box were old leotards from when LaTisha and I were in tap/jazz/ballet, my brothers Cabbage Patch kid, from when he was a baby, my mom's wedding dress (that she made), old baby blankets and shoes, and some old letters. Many of the letters were written by my mom to my dad while he was in Polygraph school. There were a couple that I had written as well as some my grandmother had written her husband back in the 1940's. Neat stuff! IMG_9608 IMG_9609 IMG_9617

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good, Good Friday

The kids and I had such a fun day today. We started off by sleeping in...and then we went swimming with Travis, Lauren and Lori for a couple of hours. they had so much fun playing at the water park and just hanging out. Jaron was a little nervous at first, since he had never met travis and lauren before, but that was very short lived! They ended up playing in the pool for 2 1/2 hours!

After that we came home for a bit and then we went to dinner at Red Robin and then dessert at krispy kreme. Jaron was in heaven at that place! he just couldn't believe how good the donuts were right off the belt...he had 2 and wanted more, but I cut him off! My kids weren't too impressed since we have been there a couple times before. After that we came home and dyed easter eggs, which they just loved! we probably sat at the table for over an hour doing that. they each had 6 eggs and they turned out great. then they got to play toontown with eachother, and they topped it off with a movie (finding nemo) and popcorn in zoe's room. They had a terrific time and jaron told me he had a lot of fun while visiting with us. It is always so nice to have him stay here, and I hope he will stay with us more often.


I went to Quartermania last night and it was really interesting! You buy a paddle at the door ($3.00) with a number on it and then they add that number to the basket. You then get your quarters out and start playing. There were several vendors available such as: Arbonne, Tastefully Simple, TLC, CTMH, Pampered Chef...and each vendor would put up and item with a bid of 1, 2, 3 or 4 quarters and if you wanted the product you put your quarters in and held up your paddle...if your number was called you won. I bid on $10.00 worth of stuff and didn't win a thing! I can see how this could be really addiciting, or really dissappointing! I think the odds may be better in Vegas! I saw a few people I knew from scrapping so that was fun, and the things up for bid were really nice. There were (fake) Coach, Prada and Kate Spade bags up for auction for 50cents! Thats a pretty good deal! They are going to start doing this every 3rd Thursday of the month, so I guess I better start saving my quarters!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Skate Zone

Mom and Jaron drove up to see us yesterday so that Jaron could stay with us for part of their Spring break, and so mom could show us her new car. (She got a Prius since she is going to be going back to work and driving nearly an hour one way.)   IMG_9562

We didn't do much yesterday, just hung around the house letting the kids play and mom and I chatted the day away. IMG_9559

Today we took the kids to lunch and then to the skating rink. They had so much fun roller skating! Jaron has improved on his skating so much from playing hockey, he was really confident out there and whizzing by most of the kids! Zoe is a good skater too, but she doesn't do any "tricks", just skates along at her own pace. This was Landon's second time skating and he just loves it. He must have fallen 50 times, but he always got right back up and kept going. He did much better when he wasn't trying to keep up with Zoe and Jaron...but, he always want's to do what they do.

 IMG_9552IMG_9554 IMG_9556 IMG_9558

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cropmania II

In Bloom


When I got home from my weekend crop, I found these beautiful flowers sitting on top of the fireplace. Zoe and Landon picked them out for me. Landon got me my favorite flowers (tulips) and Zoe got me a beautiful assortment, with green roses for St. Patrick's Day. They really make me yearn for spring and warm weather! Sometimes these kids are just too sweet, but I am guessing that their dad is really the one that thought of it....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lucky Me

We don't participate in any St. Patricks Day activities, we just make sure we all have a little green on...and this year I wanted to get a pic of us together wearing our green. I don't have much of it on, but there is a little in my shirt! I feel like we should take more pictures of us all together, not just at Christmas time. So, we all piled up on the kitchen floor (don't ask!) and got a couple family pictures! Happy St. Patricks Day!

In honor of St. Pat's Day, here are a few reasons I am lucky:

I have 2 healthy, smart, beautiful children.

I married a smart, funny, good looking man who never ceases to amaze me.

I am lucky to have a husband who is able to afford our lifestyle while I am a stay at home mom.

I am lucky that my parents/sister/brother/nephew decided to move closer to us...I sure enjoy having them around more.

I am healthy, happy and loved by my family and for this I am not only lucky but also very thankful.

All Cropped Out

I went to another weekend crop this past weekend...and I am pooped! I love going to Cropmania and scrapping my days away, but for some reason when I get home I am drained. I really hate coming home and unpacking all my stuff, but I decided that I wanted to get it all unpacked and put away today, so I did. I didn't get very many pages done this weekend either, but I will post a slide show of them later...right now I am going to go and look for the kids Easter basket's since we will be needing them this weekend! Easter is here so early this year I totally forgot to decorate for it! I know Tony couldn't be happier about this, he just hates getting the boxes out for me! Oh-well, I will make sure to decorate next year.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Art Show

Last night was the Art Show at Landon's school. There was a lot going on and a lot of fun. Each child from the school had a piece of their art displayed in a matted frame and were invited to come to the school and purchase their art work. (Really, you were buying a $30.00 frame, but it is matted nicely and it IS your childs work!) Landon didn't want me to buy his because he didn't like the way it looked, but I (of course) thought it was fabulous and bought it right away! The kids had fun getting their faces painted, doing arts and crafts and seeing their friends outside of the classroom. It was a big hit and we look forward to going again next year!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Landon's new bed and dresser arrived this morning. The deliverymen were here at 7:30am and out of here by 7:45am. Nice and quick! They brought it in and put it together and then I had to get all the rest of his stuff back in his room. What a chore! I still have a lot to do in there, but I pooped out. Landon is actually excited to go to bed tonight which is really funny considering he NEVER wants to go to bed! (like every other kid I know) Here are some pics of the new furniture and a picture of Landon's decorating skills, he just loves that dog and bear! LOL (The picture of the curtain is for you mom!)

Bag Lady

I love purses. I think I have always secretly loved purses, but I didn't really embrace my love for them until my late 20's or so. I always liked big purses (my mom calls them old lady purses) and the one I have been lugging around for the past several months is HUGE. More of a suitcase then a handbag. I don't like to carry it all the time though, especially when we are going into the mall or a store for a long period of time. My purses are just so big and heavy I hate to carry it for long periods of time...I know it doesn't make a lot of sense, but Tony always has his wallet so it isn't a big deal.

Our town recently got a SUPER Wal-mart. I know we are pretty behind the rest of the planet on this, but we now have a Wal-mart/grocery store/hair-salon/eye center/'s like its own mini town. Anyways, I went and checked it out the other day because I wanted to know what all the excitement was about. As I walked up and down the aisles I noticed a really cute selection of purses, aimed I would guess for Zoe's age group. So, I told Zoe about them and she was dying to go and see them for herself. I told her I wasn't buying one and that she would have to use her own money. She was still anxious to go, so we went. She ended up buying 2 new bags for herself (luckily they were only $10 each!) and some little necklace with interchangeable charms. I guess my "bag love" has worn off on her. Poor thing.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ice Cup

Since the weather cleared off yesterday the tournament was held today. Tony and Zoe got up really early this morning (7am) and got out to the field around 8am to help clean it up. They had to break up the ice on the ground and fill the holes and then reline the field...I think if you are breaking ice up on the field it may be just a little too cold for games. Apparently I am the only one that feels that way though because all the teams showed up and played. I worked the concession stand from about 3:30 - 5:30 and I was FREEZING! I don't know how some of the people stayed out there all day. The wind was really whipping through the field but the girls didn't seem to mind too much. I guess naming this tournament the Ice Cup was very fitting! Zoe's team didn't do too well, they lost both games. The first was 3-0 and the second was 1-0, so they didn't play too badly they just couldn't get the goals they needed and Zoe said that during the 1st game two of their goals were scored accidentally by her own teammates! OOPS!

The only other thing I did today was go and buy Landon's bed. I don't know what I am going to do with the old one is still in pretty good shape. His new bed is going to be delivered on Wednesday and I didn't tell him I got it so that it will be a surprise. He is really going to be happy when he sees it because he keeps asking me if I will get it for him. I just keep telling him I am still thinking about it.

Spring Fever

I finished one layout this week...I have been too busy to do much scrapping but I finished this one last night.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wacky Weather

The weather has really been crazy today. It rained all night last night as well as most of yesterday and then it rained again a good part of today. It has pretty much been non-stop...but seems to be finally clearing off. We didn't have our soccer tournament today because of the weather, but we may still be on for tomorrow...we don't know yet whether or not the fields will be closed. Tomorrow is supposed to be really cold again, and windy; not the best for a soccer tournament but I doubt the kids will mind one bit. Usually its the adults who hate being out in the cold!

Since we didn't have the tournament we did a little shopping. I wanted to see about getting Landon a new bed (I hate the one he has now!) and I found a pretty good deal at Haverty's although I didn't end up buying it yet. I wanted to check a couple other places before I decided but I am pretty sure I am going to end up with the first one I liked. It is just a single bed with drawers underneath, which is nice because we ALWAYS need more storage space. Landon really liked it and didn't want to leave until we bought it so he was a little dissappointed when we left to check other stores. I really need to decide if we are going to get it though because it is on sale now and there were only 4 in stock when we checked. Decisions, decisions...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Swap

I haven't done any swaps for awhile, so I signed up to do a spring make 5 get 5. We just had to choose a page element and make 5 identical to trade...I will get 5 back. I chose to do paper piecings because I just got a magazine (Scrapbooks etc.) that had some cute patterns and ideas, so here they are!

Both of these were made with scrap paper I had laying around. I stamped a different image on each piece to make it a little more interesting (idea from mag!) and I was really happy with the results!

Why You Should Check Your Childs Homework

Someone posted this on another site, funny!

Suicide Jumper

Mom sent me this one...had to share!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Goucher College

I went on a field trip with Zoe's 8th grade class today...whoa! We had to be at the school by 8:55 and the buses left around 9:25 or so. It's been awhile since I was on a bus! It was about a 40min. ride or so...we went to the college to see 5 mini plays. The first was Edgar Allen Poe's Tell-Tale Heart, the kids seemed to like it least, and I think it was my least favorite also. 2nd was The Legend of Sleepy was much better than the first...3rd was The Monkey's Paw; it was pretty good too. The last two plays were probably my favorite, and I don't know the names of either of them! ( I will try to figure it out!)

I can't believe how much different 8th graders are now from when I was in 8th grade...yeah, I know that was quite awhile ago but these kids seem so much bigger (many taller than me!), and well, just so different. The kids sitting behind me were terribly rude during the show, kicking the seat (by accident, but still) talking loudly and using the F word (at least 3 times that I heard). Zoe and all the girls in my group (10 total) were really well behaved, thank goodness, but there were definately some tough kids out there. I certainly wouldn't want to be a middle school teacher, I've always heard that is the toughest age group to work with and I believe it! I am rethinking being a chaperone for Zoe's trip to Kings is ALL DAY from 7am to 11pm and a 2 hour (coach) bus ride! Yikes!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Frozen in Grande Central Station

If you haven't seen this, it's pretty, check it out!

The Beginning

I decided to create a blog here because several people I know (who are interested in me and the rest of my family) do not have Myspace this seems to be a good option. I hope to blog on a regular basis but sometimes things are boring here (at least to me) and aren't worth writing about...and other times things are crazy and seem to be interesting enough to share. Enjoy!

Water Balloons

When my kids told me they didn't know what to do with themselves yesterday I suggested they go outside and play with the water balloons....